Five Reasons Why Check-Ups and Immunizations Are Important for Kids as Communities Transition From the Pandemic

Salt Lake City, UT — (ReleaseWire) — 04/21/2022 — The COVID-19 pandemic may be waning, but Intermountain Healthcare experts say the impact of prolonged periods of social isolation, interrupted school schedules, and limited social interaction is having lasting effects, especially on young children.

“Taking children for their well-child check-ups is a way for parents to talk to their pediatrician or family practice provider about any concerns they have about their child’s health and growth, and if they’re reaching their developmental milestones for their age,” said Katrina Jensen, a pediatric nurse with Intermountain Healthcare.

“It’s also a time to talk about things like brain development, motor skills and social skills. This is especially important for children under age five.”

The toddler, pre-school and grade school years are a time of not only physical development, but a time when children develop social skills and cognitive thinking.

“With the increase in social isolation and online learning during the pandemic, it’s important for parents to talk to a provider about if their child is reaching appropriate language, cognitive, social and emotional development milestones for their age,” said Jensen

During the pandemic, some parents have put off well-child visits. If that’s the case, schedule a check-up this spring before the back-to-school and end of summer rush.

Recommended ages for well-child check ups
After a baby is born, the American Academy of Pediatrics recommends frequent check-ups to assess the child’s health, growth and development. The recommended schedule for check-ups is at two weeks of age and then every two months until the child is six months old, and then every three months until age 18 months, and then at age two, and then annually after that.

When parents take their child to these visits, they can easily stay on schedule for all the recommended immunizations for children.

“Well-child visits help children stay healthy by identifying any type of health or development concerns and teaching parents about any next steps they can take to help their child,” said Jensen. She offered five reasons kids can benefit from well child check-ups.

Five Reasons Why Regular Healthcare Check-Ups are Important for Kids

1. Physical examination to check child’s heart, lungs, skin, eyes, ears, nose, etc.
2. Tracking growth and physical development
3. Preventing illness by receiving immunizations for preventable diseases
4. Screenings for hearing, vision, autism, etc.
5. Checking for age-appropriate cognitive, social, emotional and behavioral development.

For more information about well-child visits, or to find a provider for your child, visit Intermountain

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