As we enter the final quarter of the year, many siding contractors need to keep up with the latest industry trends!

Vancouver, WA — (ReleaseWire) — 09/12/2022 — Every homeowner has all sorts of styles, colors and materials to choose from when they’re in the process of investing in a new siding installation, and today’s siding contractors have to keep up with market demands in order to remain relevant.

Siding is what gives a home its curb appeal and overall look, which is why siding is a major investment for any home’s resale value. There of course are many reasons why a homeowner may be interested in upgrading their siding, and today’s homeowners expect to have a whole variety of options at their disposal when they’re making these crucial investments.

Below are five ongoing siding trends that are continuing to grow as 2022’s Q4 approaches:

Bold, Darker Colors Are Still All The Rage

Darker siding colors have been rising in popularity since about 2020, and this year hasn’t seen too many changes with this stylish trend. Many homeowners are turning towards natural blues and grays for their homes, as well as many other colors that provide a more earthy vibe.

In the past, these darker sidings would typically fade faster, but today’s siding technology has allowed for these colors to be more economical from a durability standpoint. So the major drawbacks to darker siding colors is now irrelevant, and people all across America are investing in giving their homes a bold appearance!

People Are Increasingly Interested In Mixing Siding Textures

Another really interesting siding trend that’s grown a lot throughout 2022 is the idea to blend different siding textures, materials and profiles together to ultimately create a unique home visual.

Some examples of this eye-catching trend include the following:

Mixing siding materials together: A common example of this would be cedar shakes on the upper half a home’s siding, and vinyl siding on the lower half.

Mixing up the siding’s direction: Batten and vertical board siding is now incredibly popular amongst American homeowners, and most people that implement this technique will converge it with conventional horizontal siding to create a unique look.

Uniting profiles: Many homes will have 2+ lap exposures, and will subsequently utilize materials like fiber cement and vinyl to create different visual layers to a property.

Combining textures: Many homes are also implementing high-quality materials like steel, stone and brick to contrast their home’s exterior siding.

Homes Are Standing Out By Contrasting Their Siding Trims

A lot of siding contractors are encouraging homeowners to contrast their siding trim to help their property stand out.

There are many different methods of implementing this trend, and homeowners will typically get creative in how they can create a unique exterior appearance for their homes.

The Increasing Emergence of Fiber Cement Siding

Fiber cement has become an increasingly popular siding material all throughout the country in 2022. It’s easy to understand why so many people love this siding material, because it offers many benefits that include:

It’s resistant to wear and tear and lasts a very long time.

It looks very similar to traditional wood siding, but doesn’t require the same level of maintenance and upkeep.

It’s heat and fire-resistant.

Visualizer Technology Is Providing More Confidence For Homeowners

In the past, it was always extremely difficult for a homeowner to picture what their home would look like with any kind of alternative siding design. But the good news is that today’s industry provides all sorts of visualizer software that allows people to see how their home would appear with different colors and siding options.

It’s Never Been Better For Homeowners Investing In Siding Contractors!

Although it’s absolutely critical for siding contractors to remain on the cutting edge of their ever-developing industry, the good news is that these industry changes are making everything a lot easier for homeowners.

And when homeowners understand their siding options going into 2022’s Q4, they’ll be ready to significantly increase property values!

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