Fitness Influencer Invites People to Start a Healthier Lifestyle Through Fitness

The pandemic has certainly changed the way many people live and work. One of the other areas that has taken a hit is personal fitness and health.

So many are content being at home and not going out into the world that they are losing drive and desire. Noel Deyzel has a desire to get as many back into fitness with powerful motivation.

Deyzel is one of the top bodybuilding instructors from South Africa and has been posting videos and pictures online since 2008. His goal is to help more and more people appreciate the positive effects that come from healthy living, exercise and good nutrition.

β€œMany do not recognize this, but it is a lifestyle change. Starting a regular exercise routine is also one of the hardest things a person will do – adjusting a lifestyle into something new. However, it is important to note that there is no such thing as it is too late. Moving a little bit a day is all that you need to start on the right path,” said Deyzel.

Deyzel shares exercise tips and advice on YouTube, TikTok, Instagram and other platforms. He has also been very outspoken about some of his enhancement usage and encourages more influencers to do the same.

β€œFitness influencers need to be honest about their decisions and any enhancements used. It is a very rare person who can achieve extraordinary results without some sort of intervention. That, along with photo editing, gives too many people a false idea of what is a positive body image,” said Deyzel.

Deyzel offers personalized coaching, nutrition and guidance on his Academy. VisitΒ https://noeldeyzelacademy.comΒ to learn more and sign up.

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