Fitness Enthusiasts Can Now Enjoy First-Class Personal Training Virtual Services

In a recent update, fitness enthusiasts can now enjoy personalized training from home, without stepping foot at a gym, thanks to the brand-new fitness training service offered by First Class Personal Training. According to the fitness training provider, the new-age service is an ideal solution for today’s busy lifestyle, particularly with people who live alone or work long hours.

The concept of virtual personal training is relatively new, allowing trainees to receive the same basics and results as a traditional training centre. The service is available via a personal training platform and allows users to book and manage sessions, track progress, and detailed training programs from a certified personal trainer.

With the launch of this service, First Class Personal Training is revolutionizing the way people exercise. The training service provider boasts a wide array of programs in:

• MS training

• Senior training

• Youth training

• Post-rehab

• Group training

• Nutrition and wellness

• In-home personal training

Based on the personal training provider’s belief, trainees no longer have to worry about wasting their time travelling to and from the gym or spending too much money on the monthly membership.“We developed this service to reach out to the growing number of people who have a busy lifestyle. Instead of waiting for the right time to exercise, they can now exercise at the comfort of their own home, or anywhere they have a stable internet connection.

“Not only do they save time and money, but they can also keep their fitness goals on track, without worrying about the availability of a physical personal trainer,” said a spokesman for the centre. Fitness enthusiasts stand to gain a lot from this offer. Benefits include:

• Convenience

• Personalized training

• Safety

• Health

• Confidence

The start-up process is quick and straightforward. To begin with, the trainee can learn more about what programs are suitable to specific needs by contacting the fitness provider. This could be either via email or a phone call. During this period, both parties agree on a set date for a complimentary consultation, during which the trainer evaluates the trainee’s fitness.

With the assessment, it becomes possible to craft a personalized program targeted to the trainee’s fitness goals. The duration of the sessions will depend on the selected service. In addition to the initial one-on-one consultation, every trainee has access to a complete training system. Here, the individual can take advantage of personal workout and nutrition plans, regular progress reports, and fitness tracking.

People who want to lose weight, gain muscle mass (tone up) or generally maintain a healthy lifestyle can turn to First Class Personal Training for assistance.

About First Class Personal Training

First Class Personal Training is a virtual training and fitness program that encourages and helps individuals achieve desired fitness goals. Their services are available weekdays (6 a.m. to 10 p.m.) and weekends (8 a.m. to 8 p.m.), which makes it easy for trainees to select dates suitable for individual schedules.

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