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This year, CES is focused on going “beyond the everyday,” and the SOAPY Clean Machine is the absolute definition of going beyond the everyday approach to washing your hands.

The SOAPY Clean Machine is a personal handwashing station that provides a controlled and comfortable hand washing experience. With the COVID pandemic lending an extra level of importance to personal hygiene today, the SOAPY Clean Machine seeks to not only provide a way to wash your hands effectively but motivate and educate.

SOAPY offers a litany of truly innovative updates to the traditional hand washing regimen.

These include: 

– Sustainability: Soapy saves up to 95% of water and up to 90% of soap compared to a traditional handwashing. Thanks to this commitment to sustainability, consumers can expect to see cost savings as well.

– Touch-Free: Contamination spreads disease and bacteria. The SOAPY Clean Machine is completely touch-free, limiting the spread of illness. 

– TempTech: User body temperature measurement and reporting

– Gamification: Empowerment messages, visual tutorials, success feedback or advertisement on the user intuitive monitor

– Advanced Technology: Real-time reports and unit maintenance.

– AI: Verification of handwashing compliance and intuitive gamification.

– Quick and Easy to Install: Anyone can bring a SOAPY machine into their organization and have it up and running in no time.

Meet SOAPY at CES 

The SOAPY team is ecstatic about the opportunity to meet other innovators and those interested in technology to show them what the Clean Machine is capable of. 

Join SOAPY and other innovative disruptors at the Consumer Electronics Show in Eureka Park at the Venetian Pavilion. SOAPY will be hosting demo meetings at their booth, number 63138, and invite anyone intrigued by the Clean Machine to book a demo meeting to stop by and learn everything about this game-changing product. 

About Soapy

Soapy strives to break the morbidity cycle through effective infection prevention and control. It begins with empowering people, businesses, and institutions with innovative hand hygiene technology that educates them on effective handwashing. Soapy is the world’s smartest Hand Hygiene Personal Station, powered by computer vision, deep learning, and the Internet of Things. They turn handwashing into actionable data science and make sure business leaders know and can validate Who, When, Where, and How clean their hands really are. Hand washing has never been easier, more transparent, accurate, and compliant than it is today.

Co-Founder & CEO:

Max Simonovsky is the Founder and the CEO of Soapy Care LYD and Soapy USA Inc (Together Soapy), a global provider of hand hygiene technologies for SMBs and Enterprises. Inspired by his son, Max leveraged his medical background and inventor’s spirit to create SOAPY and become a change agent for good. A true visionary, Max lives five years in the future and pushes Soapy to constantly innovate and to operate with purpose.  Mr. Simonovsky is a seasoned entrepreneur and business innovator with a broad experience in global markets, including, Europe, USA, Middle east and Russia.

From 2010 – 2018 Mr. Simonovsky was leading medical and life science divisions in a variety of market leading companies.  He was in charge of business development and business partnership. Establishing collaborations with global technology leaders like CEM corporation, Entegris, Agilent technologies, Analytik Jena, Intel, Thermofisher, Teva Pharmaceutical and others. 

Simonovsky, was in charge of building strategy for niche market penetration, sales, marketing and customer support teams. Managing 7 figures revenue and budgets.  

In his previous positions he has created a 3X-4X year over year growth. Closing long term multi-million dollar contracts with a 3-5 years customer support and service arrangements that continued to generate millions in annual income even after he left and founded Soapy.

Mr Simonovsky’s business background includes negotiation, fundraising, sales management and brand creation. 

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