First Emotionally Intelligent Robot Makes Visiting the Dentist Fun for Kids

Named one of the top 100 inventions of 2021 by Time Magazine, Robin’s compassionate and empathetic nature is specifically designed to help children cooperate with medical staff during their time at the doctor and impact better health outcomes. Robin utilizes peer-to-peer interactions, engages children with interactive games, uses visual and auditory sensory modalities, including images and music, and age-appropriate conversations to decrease their stress related to visiting the doctor. Robin plays interactive games such as hide and seek, I spy, rock/paper/scissors, and age-appropriate trivia games that keep children active and excited. Conducted studies showed that after the interaction with Robin, children’s joy level increased by 26% and stress reduced by 34%, resulting in a 40% decrease in the time of medical procedure preparation due to better cooperation with medical personnel. Read More