FireCity Proves That NFT Games Are No Longer Boring and Just “Play to Earn”

At the beginning of the NFT game trend, most publishers only focused on the “Play to earn” value and paid little attention to other values in terms of player experience. However, now game titles that do not focus on player experience are no longer the perfect choice for gamers as well as investors. Instead, gamers focus on titles that publishers focus on both in terms of content and player experience. One of those options is FireCity, a first-person shooter game title published by FCCLabs.

FireCity NFT Game

The first-person shooter game titles have long had a strong attraction to gamers because of the vivid and realistic experiences of such title. Such title was also chosen to host many e-sports tournaments around the world.

Grasping such trend, FCCLabs was established at the beginning of 2020, bringing together many experts in the field of video game development and experts in the blockchain field. And soon, FCCLabs will officially introduce FireCity to the global gamer community. FireCity is an NFT game developed according to the first person shooter game title.

FireCity, when launching the global gamer community, will have many different game modes, including a competition mode for gamers to receive FCC Tokens and special NFT items as rewards.

At the beginning, when a gamer wins in any game mode, he will receive a certain amount of FCC tokens. In addition to the script and game title, the awarding with FCC tokens will be an attraction for gamers to FireCity.

Organizing tournaments of continental stature

According to the Management board of FCC Labs, the company is negotiating a cooperation with the Asian esport tournament operators to bring FireCity into the competition contents in 2023. In addition, FireCity will also host its own tournaments in each country.

According to FCC Labs, the prizes are not only valuable items such as cars and cash, but also definitely include FFC tokens along with other valuable NFT items. Along with that, there are special incentives for winning gamers when joining the FCC ecosystem.

About Henry Golding, a consultant in the field of online game community development. He has a close relationship with Garena and currently is the CEO of the FireCity project, so it can be assured that the future approach of FireCity to the Garena gaming community is possible.

Not only game play, FCC token is also a big concern

The NFT game investment fever boomed again at the beginning of 2022, and this made NFT game tokens or NFT in-game items sought after by investors.

Following the success of Axie Infinity, a series of NFT games continued to be born. The capitalization of in-game tokens reaches billions of dollars. Investors can make profits tens of times, sometimes hundreds of times the amount spent.

When a game ensures the player experience factor, the investment attraction is granted.

FireCity is a game title applying AR/VR technology

As shared by Henry Golding, CEO of the FireCity project, FCCLabs will apply virtual reality technology to the game. The experience will be very interesting when players are immersed in the game context, the feeling of holding weapons to participate in battles will be extremely attractive in the game. Even in the early days of the meeting to discuss the NFT game development plan, the Management board of FCCLabs also mentioned that the application of AR/VR to the game is indispensable.

Play to earn

According to statistics, gamers of Axie Infinity have an income of about $1500 to $2000 per month through the mechanism of receiving rewards in tokens by playing games. The same as FireCity, gamers can earn by receiving rewards in FCC tokens through each game. In addition, FireCity will organize annual tournaments in countries according to its plan. Rewards are revealed as valuable items such as cars, luxury travels and of course including FCC tokens and NFT items in the game.

According to Tokenomics, 30% of FCC tokens will be allocated to the FCC ecosystem and for “play to earn”.

Stacking is also an option for investors when the publisher will leave 250%/45 days for investors to join in. This is beneficial for the price of tokens as the capitalization of FCC tokens will always be stable. This will surely have a very good impact for those holding FCC tokens.

FFC tokens are expected to be open for sale in the second quarter of 2022 so that gamers can buy items in FireCity before the release date of game play as at the end of 2022.

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