On the 12th of July ’23, Fiorano, a prominent leader in global hybrid multi-cloud applications, held an in-person event in Lagos, in collaboration with partner Inlaks. The event, titled ‘Open Banking for Growth in Nigeria,’ was organized in response to the Open Banking mandate issued by the country’s central bank earlier this year. Open banking has been rapidly gaining adoption in various parts of the world, and Nigeria is among the latest countries on the African continent to embrace this model. Banks from across the country, along with representatives from the Central Bank of Nigeria, convened at the Eko Hotel in the capital city of Lagos for the event.

“Open Banking is experiencing rapid expansion globally, and we are thrilled to be a part of this event alongside our partner Inlaks Nigeria, and the Central Bank of Nigeria. We covered in-depth areas including the compliance aspects of Open Banking, with a particular focus on essential security elements like OpenID / FAPI, strategic approaches banks can adopt, and critical topics of how regional banks should approach compliance and effectively leverage APIs for monetization” – Biju Suresh Babu, the Managing Director of Banking and Financial Services at Fiorano.

To this Olufemi Muraino, Executive Director, Inlaks, added, ‘‘Open Banking provides an efficient platform to transform banking and improve consumer experience and expectations. At Inlaks, we are dedicated to delivering result-oriented products through digitization, and we take pride in collaborating with strategic partners and stakeholders to maximize the effectiveness of this approach. Our unwavering commitment lies in empowering banks and financial institutions on innovative journeys that provide unparalleled value to customers. Looking forward, we remain steadfast in our resolve to be a trusted partner, dedicated to empowering institutions and contributing to the advancement of Africa’s financial industry.”

During the event, Chika Ugwueze, Assistant Director of the Payments System Management Department at the Central Bank of Nigeria delivered an enlightening presentation on the potential of Open Banking and its transformative impact on banks, financial institutions, and customers.

Mr. Ugwueze commended the partnership between Inlaks and Fiorano, recognizing its potential to foster an inclusive financial eco-system. He highlighted that this collaboration would facilitate stakeholder collaboration, propelling economic growth while prioritizing robust data security, customer protection, and cyber security measures.

About Inlaks:
Inlaks is a leading systems integrator in Sub-Saharan Africa, with operations in Nigeria, Ghana, East Africa, and other regions within the Sub-Saharan African market. The company has established partnerships with leading original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) in the technology industry, allowing it to provide world-class information technology solutions that consistently exceed customer expectations.

Over the years, Inlaks has established itself as the primary provider of ICT and Infrastructure Solutions, enabling customers to effectively seize new market opportunities and enhance their service offerings. Its impressive customer base includes several Central Banks in East and West Africa, as well as other key customers within the region. As a result, Inlaks has emerged as the dominant Information Technology Company in Africa.

Inlaks serves diverse segments across various industries including Banking, Telecommunication, Oil/Gas, Power, Utilities, and the Distribution sectors of the economy.

About Fiorano:

Fiorano helps enterprises to overcome today’s increasingly complex challenges with our cloud-native event-driven microservices platform. Combining integration, low-code, and eiPaaS capabilities to build and deploy global hybrid multi-cloud applications, Fiorano helps organizations achieve massive scalability, responsiveness, and increased productivity. With Fiorano, companies can respond better in volatile markets and deliver exceptional customer and employee experiences.

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