Conference that will take place in Cairo at the beginning of the summer of 2023, precisely on the 20th of May.

We are Inviting Top Sourcing & Manufacturing Partners, Fulfillment & Logistics Partners, Store Platform or Sales Channels, Design & Marketing Agencies, and Technology Providers or App Solutions.

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Fastest-Growing eBiz Brands, Founders, Entrepreneurs, Freelancers, and Investors.

All sizes of ecommerce brands from around the globe gather to learn the latest eBiz-focused tactics and strategies, network with each other, and find solution provider partners to help them take their businesses to the next level.

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We all agree it’s the Conference of The Entrepreneurs.

Mr. Tareq Ziad Jarour, an investment specialist in the logistics sector and the founder of the conference, said that the digital revolution in the transport and logistics industry is nothing more than a race full of challenge and perseverance as he spoke about the preparations for the transport investment conference that will take place in Cairo at the beginning of the summer of 2023, precisely on the 20th of May.

Among business sponsors in the logistics industry, especially in road transport, whether by truck or even home delivery services.

These practices totally depend on software to handle rapid operations with no errors in delivery time. Even if it is relatively easy, the market is fierce, and the queue of firms wanting to replace others is long, and some of them have the resources to do so.

The compass of development in this sector is geared towards trucking to and from ports, warehouses, and fulfillment centers, whether within the country or across borders, and here we are talking about the transformation of conventional transport contractors into transport contractors that use technology from receiving the shipment request until delivery, including paperwork, billing, and tracking.

While the mode of work is still conventional, relying on well-known means of communication such as phone and text messaging, this change requires an upward curve, indicating that these operators have not achieved the point of optimum use of the technologies in their hands, and this is because this mechanism has missed the most critical gear in this motor, which is the unbiased database that connects all of these vendors, owners of products, transport contractors, and truck owners or operators.

International markets, such as the United States market, include a tool known as a “load board,” and is identical to the blackboard from which we studied the alphabet in kindergarten, with the right side containing a vast amount of statistics about the products to be shipped and the other side displaying the accessible vehicle data. All sides are electronically linked to each other via the application, which follows the progress of the transaction step by step, beginning with the agreement on the freight and ending with the payment of it.

The good news that we bring with this article is that one of the conference sponsors is the second largest American-Canadian corporation in this region, and it has chosen the Middle East as the course of its growth,  at and it has already begun applying for the requisite licenses to begin operations in more than one Arab country. This is done with the intent The corporation is expanding into many markets at the same time.

This initiative is in line with the developments of several Arab countries in improving their transportation systems and pursuing their economic outlook for the next decade, which is driven by Saudi Arabia, Egypt, and the UAE.

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