Finding One’s Soulmate and Discovering True Love With the Help of Hypnosis

Soul Match: Prepare your brain with hypnosis to find someone who’s really right for you
With the help of this easy to-comprehend-book, you will learn how hypnosis can help you boost your self esteem, start living in the moment and open up to the possibility of love!

Kurt Friedrich Gassner is a self-made millionaire, self-help author, hypnotherapist, meditation teacher, and creative director who has spent his life overcoming, growing, and succeeding in various avenues. Mistakes were an inevitable part of the journey, but it is through those challenges that he learned invaluable lessons that will always stay with him. By gaining a better understanding of the unconscious mind and studying psychology extensively, he tapped into his own potential and now helps others to do the same.

To date, Kurt has written an array of self-improvement books, such as The Power of Forgiveness, Lie or Die, Soul-Match, Can You Inherit a Poisoned Mind? and The Power of Poverty. Additionally, he authored a children’s book that sold over a million copies throughout German-speaking countries. Over 20 more books are presently in the works.

The Book “Soul Match: Prepare your brain with hypnosis to find someone who’s really right for you” is absolutely an amazing book. If you’ve had several failed relationships and have started to think that true love is not meant for you then this book is going to break that wall and make you realise who you are, what is your worth and what you deserve. Life is too short to spend without a partner who truly understands you by your side. It’s an amazing feeling to be so happy and comfortable with a person, especially when those feelings are reciprocated!

Many people who have been through several relationships that didn’t work often adopt a pessimistic mindset that it will never work for them. That they are not meant for true love. Negative thoughts diminish their confidence, develop a negative approach, and create defensive mechanisms that push love away. With the help of this easy-to-comprehend book, you will learn how hypnosis can help you boost your self-esteem, start living in the moment and open up to the possibility of love. You will learn the definition of a soulmate, how to tell if you’ve found them, how to attract them and understand what hypnosis is and how it can help you find true love. You will find out about the benefits of hypnotherapy and discover how to use hypnosis to achieve your goals and explore myths and misconceptions about hypnosis. Within the pages of this book, you will also find scientific proof that hypnosis works and stories about the experience some people had with hypnosis!

Specifically, The theme of soul match is more or less an introduction into the theme. When you read the book or when you go through the book. It’s more about learning yourself. If you know who you are, if you really know who you are you will find your soul match because you know yourself better. So, in other words you could also say it’s just learning about yourself. And, you will meet the right person when you know who you are. If you don’t know who you are then how can you find someone who is right for you. Most people don’t know who they are.

Hypnotherapy is one cause, Kurt Friedrich Gassner is a certified hypnotherapist. He says hypnotherapy is one tool, but you can also do it in different ways. It’s the most exciting journey you can take. It always is because most people don’t know who they are, discovering yourself on this path is very interesting. And one tool Kurt explained in the book is hypnosis. So, for him it’s the introduction about soul match.

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