Finding an Emergency Tree Removal Company Becomes a Problem During Anchorage Winters

Anchorage, AK — (ReleaseWire) — 02/16/2022 — When snowfall gets kicked into overdrive during an Alaskan winter, things can get a little dicey, especially where emergency tree removal in Anchorage is concerned.

So, what does a resident of Alaska do when a storm has damaged a tree, and it is threatening to fall on top of a roof or is entangled in power lines? Under normal circumstances, a tree removal company would be called, but when there are piles of snow on the ground, many arborists are apprehensive.

At Anchorage Tree Service, the company is no stranger to removing trees under emergency circumstances in The Last Frontier. They have industry-leading tree removal equipment in addition to snow removal tools such as plows, shovels, and ice melters.

“Anchorage Tree Service is one of the craziest companies out there! But, of course, I say that is a good way, so please don’t misunderstand me. The crew is willing to come out and take care of tree emergencies in blizzard conditions. What they do is truly incredible”, said Rob Wilson, a local business owner in the city.

Tree service in Anchorage is sometimes hard to come by because of the hostile winter environment. Depending on the circumstances, arborists can face icy conditions that make climbing a tree very dangerous. There have been numerous instances where accidents have happened. However, Anchorage Tree Service has an upstanding reputation in the community because they take an overabundance of precautions to ensure the safety of their employees and clients.

“My employees are specially trained to take on emergency tree removal in extreme winter conditions. In Alaska, winter weather isn’t like what one would see in the lower 48. It’s wild out here! You could very well be working in subzero temperatures, snow and wind blowing, and have a moose creep up on you while you’re getting ready to remove a tree,” said Peter Reed, owner of Anchorage Tree Service.

Peter went on to say that despite the challenges of emergency tree removal in Alaska, he is dedicated to helping people when they need him most. “Emergencies with trees do not discriminate, and they happen at any time. It’s my job to remedy the situation no matter what the weather is like,” lamented Peter.

A few years back a local Anchorage restaurant was closing up shop for the night and the owner heard a cracking noise coming from outside. After investigating the noise she learned that a tree over the building’s roof was hanging over her shop. “I knew it would be only a matter of time before the entire crown of that tree fell onto my cafe”, said Maggie Coleman. “I called several tree removal companies for help and each one of them told me they were unavailable. I got a hold of Peter Reed’s team and they came out right away to help me. It is because of Anchorage Tree Service that my eatery is still standing today”, recalls Maggie.

Peter Reed wants folks to know that if they are dealing with a tree emergency in Anchorage, they are not on their own. “My crew and I will come help out anyone during any type of wintry weather, guaranteed’, said Peter.

Some of the types of tree emergencies most commonly seen during an Alaska winter are damaged branches and limbs getting cut up in power lines. Wind and heavy snowfall play a big part in problems arising with trees. It can be very difficult for residents to get the services that they need, especially during a winter storm.

Peter and his crew fully understand the risks that they take when answering the call of duty under extenuating circumstances. However, they also realize that emergency tree removal cannot wait.

“We’re dealing with people’s safety, property, and livelihoods. If you have a tree that crashes down onto your roof, your loved ones can be hurt, or you can lose the ability to operate your business. As business owners with families of our own, we 100% understand why quick action is necessary”, commented Kendrick Shivler, a loyal employee of Anchorage Tree Removal.

We know that if we ever had a tree-related accident or problem in the Anchorage area, our first phone call would be to (907) 308-2878, which is the direct emergency line to the company. It can be used 24-hours a day.

Knowing how to use snow removal equipment in addition to tree removal tools is a big plus for the company. It shows the diligence that Peter and his crew have in making sure local communities have the services that they need no matter what.

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