Find Out What Happens When Expert 3D Designer Peter Dennelis Jumps Into the NFT Space, Majestic Bears NFT

Our team reached out to a handful of artists with extensive professional backgrounds to collaborate with on our Majestic Bears NFT project. One of those artists was Peter Dennelis, a renown 3D designer who’s been in the industry for over 11 years. He’s gathered a ton of experience working with companies such as Disney, Warner Bros, Universal Pictures, and a number of other established companies.

Under the direction of legendary production designer Andy Nicholson, Peter helped design all sorts of exotic creatures for Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom. In addition, he played a crucial role in costume design for productions such as Suicide Squad in 2016 along with Kate Hawley, and the Steven Spielberg film Ready Player One in 2018 with Adam Stockhausen, and many more.

We got together to have a dialogue with 3D designer now-turned NFT artist Peter Dennelis, and got an inside look at his extensive creative background. After some chit chat, we were convinced he’d be the ideal choice for an artist to help bring the Majestic Bears NFT project to life.

While they each differ in style, fashion and background, every Majestic Bear is a massive icon of success. They’re bursting full of energy, ready to charge upward and take over the world and the Metaverse at a moment’s notice.

We scheduled an interview with Peter Dennelis to hear his thoughts on the Majestic Bears NFT project, and what excited him the most about it. We also went into his plans for future NFT collections, and why he thinks more artists should be paying attention to this space.

Q: Majestic Bears is your first NFt project. What gets you excited about it?

Peter Dennelis: All of it. I really can’t narrow it down to any one factor – the whole concept of NFTs, crypto, and the Metaverse is just something I’ve really grown passionate about. But, I’d definitely say one of most exciting things about Majestic Bears, is that these creations are going to come to life in a way that’s completely different from the other pieces I’ve done. By that, I mean that people will be able to interact with their Majestic Bear in the Metaverse. Each of them will have their unique personalities and special abilities that make them stand out from lots of the other carbon copy NFT collections I see floating around out there,

Q: NFTs are still making their way into the mainstream. How familiar were you with them before starting on Majestic Bears?

Peter Dennelis: I was sort of familiar with them. I had been hearing about NFTs for several months from all sorts of different places – TV, YouTube, Twitter, and so on. Still, I don’t think I’m the only one out there who’s read about them but finds them to be mysterious. But hey – it must be pretty important if celebrities like Gary V are buying Bored Ape NFTs or things like that.

A few months back, I headed to Miami Beach to attend the Art Basel – an annual contemporary art exhibition. That’s where, by the grace of God, I happened to meet Julien, who’s the co-founder of Majestic Bears. he told me all about how he had been involved in NFTs even before they became mainstream, and how he was traveling around giving talks about them. I can’t really put my finger on it, but there was something inspiring about being around Julien. Plus, he was looking for an artist for his collection… So, after meeting up and chatting a few times, we decided to link up and work on Majestic Bears together.

Q: Will you keep working in the NFT space, or will you be going back to working on movies later?

Peter Dennelis: As much as I loved working on productions like Suicide Squad and Ready Player One, I have to say I’m planning to work on NFTs for the time being. We haven’t even finished Majestic Bears, and yet I’m already coming up with some ideas for another NFT project. There’s just so much happening that I can’t afford to miss out on!

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