Providers of innovative online trading solutions, FinBrain Technologies, introduce new tools to democratize AI and alternative data technologies for traders and investors

The FinBrain Team is staying committed to its goal of “democratizing AI and alternative data technologies for the individual traders” as the New York-based firm continues to upgrade its offerings in response to the demand of clients and the latest realities in the market. In a related development, FinBrain Technologies LLC has continued to enjoy rave reviews from users of their groundbreaking AI-driven trading solutions for stock, crypto, and futures.

The global financial markets have evolved over the years, as several instruments and assets emerge to help traders and investors make money from the movement of prices. Unfortunately, millions of people, ranging from investors to traders, have burnt their fingers and lost their hard-earned monies from online trading, a phenomenon attributed to the lack of resources to make informed decisions. However, the team at FinBrain Technologies LLC has been working hard to change this narrative by allowing clients to leverage AI-driven investing in the US and global markets.

FinBrain Technologies LLC provides traders and investors worldwide with AI-driven predictions and alternative data to increase their chances of profit-making. Thanks to a team of highly experienced tech and trading experts, the firm develop deep learning algorithms to forecast the future price movements of stocks, commodities, and a host of others. In addition to the stock prediction tools, FinBrain Technologies also provides news sentiment data, US congress members’ trades, and app store ratings for publicly traded companies, as well as company insider transactions data to aid the decision-making process of traders.

The AI-driven financial prediction and alternative data technologies provider offers different packages to suit the trading needs and budget of clients, making FinBrain Technologies the one-stop-shop for all financial market trading needs, regardless of the type of asset.

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