Female Pokemon Artist Continues to Inspire Others With Her Card Collection

Meet one of the most successful Pokémon influencers in the community.

Selling collectables and pokemon cards have always been an excellent way to make extra cash. Especially sets of old and rare collectables can be sold for vast money. The Pokemon trading card game is a collectable card game based on the Pokemon franchise by Nintendo.

Pinky pogo, one of the best Pokemon influencers in the industry, is known for showing her card collections and dropping valuable updates about the newest and best card sets. She has represented different businesses such as Pokemon merchandise and grading companies. 

The talented artist who fascinates the community through her Pokemon art, and witty personality, has also made people fall in love with watching her colouring reels simply because it always puts a smile on their faces.

Pinky Pogo also claimed to have supported many small businesses and artists, and these acts further show how kind and supportive she is. She will often give some of her Pokemon products out for free, which is why she is called the Queen of Pokemon.

The influencer also encourages other female collectors to come together and form an alliance as she is a Pokemon influencer who strongly believes in kindness and positivity.

The well-known female artist has been interviewed on different podcasts. On one occasion, she made people understand that Pokemon significantly influences who she is right now. She said, and we quote, “Pokemon has become more than just a game. We have formed a community, Pokemon brought many people together during the pandemic and has changed us to have a more positive outlook on the world. We are not isolated alone, we have become a family”.

This interview further established that to Pinky Pogo; Pokemon is more than just a game; it is part of what makes her who she is today as she keeps making massive waves and positive impacts in the industry.

Pinky Pogo has earned so much respect in the industry and her community because of her kindness and generosity. She is a source of inspiration to many women and young ladies. The exceptional artist created a community to bring women who collect trading cards together and to form a deeper connection that exceeds card trading while at it. 

With her experience in the industry, the artist has an impressive collection of Pokemon cards, but above all, she symbolises inspiration, kindness, and generosity. 

Pinky Pogo sets a bar that not everyone in the Pokemon industry can match; she looks out for other women and looks out for them with the hope that they become successful. She didn’t buy the title “Queen of Pokemon”; she earned it. And she will go down as one the most remarkable women in the industry, no doubt.

Connect with Pinky Pogo on Instagram and Twitter for more information. 

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