Female Animal Rights Activist Lina Kay Says “No” to Animal Cruelty

“Say no to animal cruelty!”, Lina kay
Lina Kay is a Lebanese British television personality, actress, Animal Activist, creative writer and script writer, and an Ambassador for peace.

Female Animal Rights Activists are redefining what it means to be an advocate of animal rights both in their communities and around the globe. At the intersection of both the feminist and animal rights movements, these women leaders represent the many faces of animal advocacy. 

These women have written books, led protests, changed laws, founded organizations and engaged in many other advocacy efforts, even long before women had the legal right to vote. 

Lina Kay is one of those so many incredible trailblazers who are really working hard to spread peace and inviting people to stop cruelty against animals.

“Peace” one word with a very deep meaning for Lina Kay. To be honest, Lina is one of the most influential advocates who demanded and fought for peace. In childhood she dreamed to have peaceful country, when she grew up her dream became true and she became a peace activist to help children to live in peace.

She was the youngest to work and represent the Middle East for Peace. Besides, inn 2016 she was invited to the meet the Queen Elizabeth the second in the Royal Garden Party for her work for peace.

Lina’s concept of “peace” is not only restricted to humans only. Lina’s main target is to live peacefully, all creatures together (humans and animals), equally without any discrimination.

“Animal have hearts that feel, eyes that see, and families to care for, just like you and me. For sure no one of us, human being, likes to be treated in a cruel way, violated, thrown away without any care and even treated as the “other”. So why should we accept such acts to be harshly practiced on animals!” Lina Kay.

She made a Documentary about animals’ cruelty on Hala London TV. Besides, she created, wrote and directed the 3D cartoon called; the Adventure of Hala & London. Soon, she will turn her cartoon project into movie and toys for kids to teach Kids harmony to live in peace together and to stop animals’ cruelty.

Lina believes that we have to live all creatures in harmony to protect from destroying our beautiful gifted planet.

Lina always says, “All animal and all human have the same soul, we need balance, we need to live all together with harmony. We need to live peacefully “together”. We have to save our planet.”

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