Based on the Ethereum network, this innovative project is predicted to take off right from the word “Go”.

Owing to the growth of the DeFi space, numerous NFT projects have stepped in, with a few doing exceedingly well. Of all the recent projects that have been noticed, majorly for their unique traits and features, one has managed to grab maximum eyeballs, and why not as it is designed to draw in a lot of attention as compared to others owing to its distinctive build which makes it all the more effective. We are talking about FeetBack, which has announced the launch of its special NFT collection of 8,888 pair of legs in the Ethereum network. The name is as interesting as the project itself and means the backside of your legs in simple terms. The project will prove to be an absolute delight for its uniqueness, which will push its popularity to a new level altogether. The team behind FeetBack are confident that their project will prove to be beneficial for a number of its associates. Moreover, its sales proceeds will be directed towards humanitarian aid for the people affected by the Ukraine war.

The young, talented creators of FeetBack Konstantin Kudryashov and Nikita Kunitsyn, in an interview to WOW magazine, informed that the project is designed to pull in as many people as they can to the metaworld, and introduce them to the crypto space. The initial sale is scheduled during mid-June 2022 as a few updates need to be implemented, after which the project will be ready for minting. “The project aims at rewarding each of FeetBack owners with a host of benefits, including access to opportunities like becoming a homeowner in the Metaverse and much more,” says Konstantin who is confident that the project will swiftly drift towards success on its launch. It will hold its crypto land where 8,888 unique footprints will be placed on the main street specifying whom it belongs to. What’s more, there’s also a merch to be followed which will comprise of t-shirts, phone cases, hoodies and much more.

FeetBack is open to collaborations and is aggressively building a community of like-minded people to take the project’s success forward. Get to know more about FeetBack via its official website

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