Federal Prisoner Released Years Early Under First Step Act

Savino Davila Wins Compassionate Release.

North Dighton, MA — (ReleaseWire) — 02/08/2022 — In a joint effort, Arkansas attorney Greg Klebanoff and Freebird Publishers author Kelly Patrick Riggs (https://www.freebirdpublishers.com/product-page/post-conviction-relief-last-second-chance) beat the odds in Federal Court. Together, they won the immediate release of federal prisoner Savino Davila.

Mr. Davila was charged with conspiracy to possess and distribute cocaine and was sentenced to serve 360 months (30 years) in Federal Prison. After serving 14 years in custody Mr. Davila reached out to Kelly Patrick Riggs, the author of Post Conviction Relief: Second Last Chance, and requested his guidance in drafting a motion for compassionate release. After performing an in-depth case investigation and using his knowledge of 18 U.S.C.: 3582(c)(1)(A)(i), the compassionate release statute, Mr. Riggs determined that Mr. Davila was eligible for relief.

Within days, and with piles of research in hand, Mr. Riggs enlisted the professional help of Arkansas attorney Greg Klebanoff. Mr. Klebanoff was reluctant to take the word of a layman at law and performed his own case study. After Mr. Klebanoff confirmed Mr. Riggs’ findings, Mr. Klebanoff agreed to take the case.

Mr. Klebanoff accepted Mr. Riggs’ work and proceeded to refine the motion drafted by Mr. Riggs. Once filed in the Federal District Court for the District of Kansas, The United States Attorney’s Office vehemently protested the potential release of Mr. Davila. In the end, the Court agreed with the position of both Mr. Klebanoff and Mr. Riggs and ultimately granted the immediate release of Mr. Davila.

To this day, author Kelly Patrick Riggs advocates for the underprivileged who are enslaved in The United States under exaggerated offenses. He also continues to write legal self-help books that have guided many Federal and state prisoners down the path to release. Although Mr. Riggs is best known for The Post Conviction Relief series, he is also known for books like Under Seal and How to Write Your Own Check. His latest achievement, however, is establishing The Federal Innocence Project, a small paralegal service in Cullman, Alabama.

For more information about Kelly Patrick Riggs and his Post Conviction Relief series, visit http://www.freebirdpublisher.com. Books are also available on Amazon.com.

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