FC Levee Releases New Book Of Thoughts And Quotes Entitled The Words of Levee
FC Levee is pleased to announce the release of his new book of quotes, thoughts and reflections, The Words of Levee: Life Laws and the Light.

Step into a world of profound wisdom and enlightenment with The Words of Levee.

This captivating book brings together a tapestry of profound insights and reflections that touch upon every aspect of the human experience.

Delve into the pages and let the Words of Levee find their way to you, for they are meant to reach those who seek them. Explore the realms of creation, war, destruction, and the emergence of greatness. Contemplate the essence of money, test, sin, and the workings of the system. Reflect upon family, humanity, the bonds we share with each other, and the power of love and hate.

Journey further as you awaken your spirit through the chapters of prayer, faith, worship, and the possibility of God. Embrace introspection as you explore the depths of self, choice, purpose, and the pursuit of happiness. Find solace in the strength of sacrifice, justice, hope, and the true nature of salvation.

In this timeless collection, you will also encounter thought-provoking reflections on life, death, time, and so much more. Each page holds a treasure trove of wisdom, inviting you to contemplate the profound and engage with the fundamental questions of life.

This is not just a book, but a transformative experience.

Embrace the journey and let the words resonate within you, for they carry the potential to illuminate your path and ignite a deeper understanding of the world around you.

About the Author:

FC Levee is the writer of The Words of Levee. He has a degree from a university in California. With no awards to show for, FC Levee continues to write about the different aspects of the human experience.

When he is not writing the Words or composing his songs, FC Levee enjoys his time assisting physicians unclogging bile ducts, killing colon cancers, and cooking angiodysplasia at a hospital in California.

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The Words of Levee: Life Laws and the Light is available for purchase in print and ebook format on Amazon. 

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