Fawst Projects – Instagram Star Nathan Goestenkors Launches His Own Marketing Service

Instagram personality and fitness guru Nathan Goestenkors is one of the most closely followed entrepreneurs in 2020. In a considerably short period, Nathan has launched several unrelated successful businesses that include Woke Panda, Flare, and Fawst Projects. He has also helped several brands establish themselves in the market via Fawst Projects.

In a recent interview, Nathan said, “I consider myself a sales professional. I do really enjoy managing Woke Panda and Flare but branding new businesses and leading brands to sustainability is what I live for. This is the motivation behind Fawst Project.” He considers Fawst projects as the most exciting application of his skills and academic qualifications.

Goestenkors has a bachelor’s degree in leadership from Fontbonne University in Saint Louis, Missouri, and a certificate in cyber security. In an interview, when asked about his diverse range of business, he said, “I have an immense interest in social media and entertainment, as well as education, mindset, and fitness.”

Goestenkors recently caught the media’s attention when he launched his pre-workout brand called Flare Pre-Workout. The brand’s first product, the Flare Bomb Pop, became popular among beginners and routine fitness enthusiasts alike. The Flare Bomb Pop dietary supplement contains caffeine, citrulline, and beta-alanine, eliminating the need for people to buy and consume three different supplements before a workout. 

These compounds are some of the most potent and acclaimed in the fitness community, while there are several scientific studies to back the claimed effects and benefits of these compounds. Flare Pre-Workout is targeted at beginners who want to get confused by tens of experimental supplements out there—such products are arguably preferable to experienced fitness enthusiasts.

Flare also contains high enough amounts of each ingredient which also makes it appealing to regular gym-goers. In a post on his Facebook (@nathangoestenkors), Flare Pre was approved by Jake Coslet, the manager at One Nation Nutrition and a bodybuilder working at Red Bull. The post said, “Shout out to my boy Nathan and his amazing New product! I love seeing and helping new entrepreneurs to their goals and success! Come check out his Brand NEW pre-workout at One Nation Nutrition. It’s a must-try!”

His YouTube channel Woke Panda also hit 500,000 views recently. Goestenkors uploads his lo-fi beats for people to listen to while studying, falling asleep, or just looking for relaxation from stress and anxiety. Woke Panda is also popular among meditators who use the beats to internalize their focus. 

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