Fashion Trends Club is your number one source for all things sunglasses, watches, hoodies, shirts, and beauty products. We are devoted to offering you the very best of fashion and apparel, with an emphasis on Top Quality. Recently, at an event the company launched durags.

These durags are made from silk and semi-silk material that provides a premium quality look and shine. They provide a stretchable, breathable and comfortable fit that is designed to work with sensitive skin. They are ideal for creating tight 360 style waves for every Wave Check. Long tails allow this durag to be tied on a variety of head shapes and sizes easily. Multiple colors is perfect to keep your rotation fresh or layering multiple durags for additional hold.

Founded in 2019 by Team of Fashion & Beauty Geeks, our passion for high-class fashion and apparel products drove us to begin our own store. Our premium quality silk durags are meant to create all different styles of waves, 360, 540 and 720. Having multiple color durags in your rotation is a must, hence we have so many different options to choose from. Never get caught lacking during a wave check again, when using our premium durags, combined with the appropriate product, combing and hair care, your waves will be looking better than ever. Our silk durags offer more comfortability and breathability than other alternatives.

We use only the best types of materials for our products: silk and velvet. The fibers in our lightweight fabrics work wonder to keep your head well ventilated while trapping that essential moisture in. They also offer the highest level of compression and comfort so you can stay at ease all day long. 

Unlike several styles, we keep all the seams on the outside – so you do not have to worry about lines being left down the center of your hair. And, quadruple stitching guarantees no rips or tears – and long life of use. Plus, one size fits all – no need to play any guessing games wondering if you will get the right size.

With long and wide tails, you can style to your own preference with ease. Whether you are a beginner wave or elite waver, or just want to conserve your braids or dreads – our durags for men will make it occur.

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