Bridging the gap between high quality products and affordability

From premium T-shirts to Signature Polos, Jerod Hinton is disrupting the fashion industry with the Marksmen and J. Hinton Signature brands. This fashion entrepreneur is making sure clients get a taste of one-of-a kind pieces with both of their brands from J. Hinton Collections.

The fashionista grew up with a creative mindset and had always had a good fashion sense. Wanting to standout from his peers he hired a seamstress to help bring his creative ideas to light. Hinton realized he garnered attention from his peers and strangers about his stylish threads, a light bulb of opportunity came about. In a bid to provide more persons with an opportunity to have a taste of the vision of J. Hinton Collections (the Marksmen & J. Hinton Signature brand) was born. With Marksmen & J. Hinton Signature, customers are assured of getting the stylish and most fashionable urban wear that Jerod Hinton is known for. The Marksmen & J. Hinton Signature brands specializes on using high standard fabrics, stitching and design to give clients quality in every article of clothing. With a vision of creating and designing one-of-a-kind pieces with the highest level of quality, the Marksmen & J. Hinton Signature now offers high quality products that exceeds the imagination of buyers. This is achieved through a wide range of products including, T-shirts, slides, sweatshirts and jackets that gives customers that unique look. Other items available on the Marksmen & J. Hinton Signature brand includes high quality hats and accessories, as well as custom anti-bacterial facemasks among others.

At Marksmen & J. Hinton Signature, clients are offered endless design creativity. This is as the brand is consistently pouring out new and unique pieces each season allowing its participation in the world of fashion to be welcomed and well received. Furthermore, clients will be getting a brand that bridges the gap between high quality products and affordability. This is as Marksmen & J. Hinton Signature focuses on the output, rather than the input when it comes to creating unique pieces for customers. According to the brand, “In the world of fashion, there are no boundaries, you simply shoot to meet your mark.”

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Media Contact
Company Name: J. Hinton Collections
Contact Person: Jerod Cowart-Hinton
Email: Send Email
Phone: (866.)JHINTON(544-6866)
Address:3355 Lenox RD ne Ste 1000
City: Atlanta
State: Georgia, 30326
Country: United States

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