Santa Barbara – February 17, 2022 – An estimated 200 million people worldwide are active researchers and lovers of the study of history; a trend that is on the rise with a growing number of historians, both of the professional and armchair variety, honing their skills at research stemming from the endless sources available for their projects.

The Esoteric Curiosa research platform has launched The Esoteric Curiosa 2.0 a new type of interactive experience that allows for the posting of truly scarce and rarefied materials, historical related podcasts of esoteric subjects and its own direct message system to connect subscribers in an intimate se ing and to promote the exchange of historical information.

Additionally, The Esoteric Curiosa 2.0 offers a quarterly electronic newsle er that promotes special features only available from the newsle er. Now, researchers with varying levels of historical interest and experience can explore and investigate information often lost in footnotes, or rare books from libraries around the world; unobtainable sources, all conveniently brought together and available through the click of a mouse.

“The Esoteric Curiosa 2.0 is officially disrupting the historical research platform concept. Our revolutionary new website generates a community of like-minded historians who embrace the esoteric mindset and who look deeper into more obscure and nuanced subject ma er, without leaving the comfort of their armchair. No longer are these specialized researchers forced to do without the information they seek. It’s truly a replete experience,” says Nash Rambler, the driving force behind The Esoteric Curiosa 2.0! “We are continuously looking for the newest and exciting innovations to enhance our format and daily activities for our members.”

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