Fascinating Book “Mathematics and Its Creators” by Edmund Isakov, Ph.D. Is Available Worldwide, an Informative Review of the Lives, Minds, and Contributions of History’s Greatest Mathematicians


“Mathematics and its Creators” by Edmund Isakov, Ph.D. is available worldwide. This 308-page deep dive into the history of mathematics covers 70 of the world’s most renowned thinkers and their additions to the ever-evolving field of mathematics. From prehistoric beginnings, to developments in ancient Greece, Egypt, and India, and into the 21st century, Dr. Isakov examines the lives, discoveries, theorems, and broader contributions made by brilliant mathematicians throughout history.

Complete with formulas, diagrams, and thorough explanations of each principle discussed, the book serves to create a big-picture view of mathematical processes, and how each subsequent development builds on its predecessors. The author also explains the importance of mathematical understanding as a tool for general knowledge, and the ways these principles support other fields of study. Through the lens of his own experiences as a Soviet Ukrainian who immigrated to the United States, it is also an urgent call to action for strengthening the average American student’s mathematical abilities.

From sections about Thales and Pythagoras to more modern theorists like Grigori Perelman and John Nash, the book’s chronological order shows the expansive, evolving nature of mathematics, and breaks down how each new contribution to the field simplifies or expands upon previous understanding. By placing each principle in its historical context, Dr. Isakov also describes practical applications in their respective time periods.

With a background in engineering and philosophy, the author’s love of mathematics and great thinkers inspired him to diligently research and write this book to not only illuminate the long and complex history of, arguably, humanity’s most important systems, but also to inspire readers to expand their knowledge. This expertly crafted, expansive look at the essential history of mathematicians and their contributions is great for math lovers of all kinds, and anyone looking for a deeper understanding of how mathematics has shaped the fabric of society.

Mathematics and its Creators (ISBN: 9781958729946) can be purchased through retailers worldwide, including Barnes and Noble and Amazon. The hardcover retails for $21.99 and the ebook retails for $2.99. Interviews and review copies are available upon request.From the back cover:

By reading this book, you will learn about the geniuses of mathematics and their life stories. The book provides the history of math from prehistoric times to modern day. It highlights the lives of 70 greatest mathematicians throughout history. It describes how math was developed through time, all over the world, and how mathematics grew with each mathematician’s contributions.

About the author:

Dr. Edmund Isakov, Ph.D. has enjoyed a long and distinguished career in metalworking. He earned his Doctor of Philosophy degree in Mechanical Engineering at the V. Bakul Institute for Superhard Materials (Kiev, Ukraine). He is known for his work in research, development, and applications of cutting tools for milling, turning, and boring. Dr. Isakov has authored Mechanical Properties of Work Materials and numerous articles and papers on metal cutting. He holds several U.S. patents and numerous U.S.S.R Inventor’s Certificates pertaining to carbide and diamond tools. During nearly two decades at Kennametal, Inc., he became a noted authority on the technical analysis of cutting tools. Dr. Isakov is now an independent consultant and manufacturing sciences writer based in Florida. He is a senior member of SME.

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