Fantasy Shop Donates RM2 Million of Anti-Epidemic Equipment to Help Malaysia Tide Over the Crisis

Fantasy shop, a global online e-commerce platform, belongs to Schwerin Information Technology Co., Ltd. in Ottawa, Canada. As a pioneer and explorer in the new global Internet economy, fantasy shop has been participating in the establishment of enterprises and constantly innovating! Fantasy shop is living in the development direction of new social e-commerce, group buying life, Internet advertising implantation and realization, and has taken more actions. At the same time, it is constantly making profound improvements and upgrades to its current problems!


User definition and user innovation profit logic. Fantasy shop solves the problem that it is difficult for cooperative enterprises to sell goods to global e-commerce companies, and solves the problem that their new products can not reach high exposure. At the same time, fantasy shop is an online group platform, which generates cash by contributing to the active value. Mr. and the source of all the realization comes from the advertising environment of major e-commerce advertisements, shopee, lazada, PG mall, Amazon, eBay, etc. and the logic of integrating fantasy shop from private domain into public domain. The head office of fantasy shop is located in Canada. In the north of North America, it faces the Atlantic Ocean in the East and the Pacific Ocean in the West. As of June 2021, the total population of Canada is 38.13 million.


Since the emergence of the COVID-19, the provincial market supervision bureau has always stood in the forefront of epidemic prevention, gave full play to the role of market supervision, encouraged enterprises in the province to join the common war “epidemic” by donating materials, and practiced the social responsibility and responsibility of the market supervision system with practical actions. After the delivery of this batch of materials, we will follow up the actual situation of the epidemic, continue to organize relevant enterprises to help send a new batch of donations to Canada, and make our best efforts for the epidemic prevention and control. After the outbreak of the epidemic, epidemic prevention materials such as masks and alcohol were frequently in urgent need. Relevant leading enterprises immediately took action, made full use of business channels, and made every effort to purchase epidemic prevention materials. Some enterprises also donated alcohol and other materials used for production. The sudden outbreak of the disease has disrupted the pace of development in Malaysia, and seriously disrupted the market economy and the stability of life of the Malaysian people. Under the circumstances of domestic and foreign troubles, our company donated nearly rm2million and epidemic prevention equipment to Malaysia for free,


Love donation conveys love, creates hope and gains virtue. We will live up to the deep friendship of caring people, make rational and full use of caring materials, pass on the baton of love, help and enrich the country and contribute to the society. It is our responsibility as an enterprise. We hope that more enterprises will show love, devote themselves to the public welfare of epidemic prevention and control, support epidemic prevention and control with practical actions, and win the epidemic prevention war. “The epidemic situation has no lover,” and Zhu Zhanping’s simple words, It fully demonstrates the responsibility and responsibility of an entrepreneur.

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