Facebook Required to Pay in New Ruling by California Superior Court.

Facebook required to pay in new ruling by California Superior Court. April 2022 finally yielded results for the team over at Net Diatom. 

“The only thing that is frivolous is the over censorship of Facebooks algorithms”, exlaimed Chief Executive Partner Jeremy D Higgs, when asked about the claims and lawsuit filed against tech giant Facebook, Inc.

The company reports censorship of social media platforms developed for customers along with the blocking of their own website on WhatsApp, messenger app, facebook, and instagram.

“We just want an equal playing field, and the opportunity of fair growth,” Higgs went on.

The company said back in 2019 that if you did not believe their claim then to just try to write netdiatom.com on facebook and you will have your post labeled as harrassment , non genuine, and against Facebook policy.

“How do we get in the business of figuring out who should define what ‘misinformation’ or ‘disinformation’ is?” he asked. “That strikes me as hard.”

Melanie Smith, head of analysis at Graphika, Inc., a social network mapping and analysis company, said social media platforms could tweak their algorithms to curb the spread of misinformation. This could go both ways and in some cases the platform could help to stop the spread of certain information, in this case disrupting Net Diatom’s reach.

Chief Executive Partner Jeremy D Higgs reported that the process was ongoing for almost two years. The domain name netdiatom.com and associated email accounts had been reportedly blocked from all Facebook associated platforms between December 14th 2019 and February 1st 2022. Evidently the block took place until legal action leveraged Facebook, Inc. to make a change. Documents show that Net Diatom spent funds to rebrand and associate netdiatom.org with the company previously and reported this during pending proceedings.

Net Diatom is due monetary compensation for funding spent on rebranding while the original domain name was blocked across Facebook, Inc’s platforms.

“We came to court prepared, I am proud of our legal team and happy that San Mateo Superior Court took my testimony into consideration.” Exclaimed Chief Executive Higgs.

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