Eyab Mijwal New Innovation Shows That Energy Can Be Generated From the Movement of Trees

Engineer Eyab Mijwal brings a new innovation in the field of renewable energy by tapping into the energy produced from the movement of trees.

There are many innovations that provide solutions for the generation and production of electrical energy, from coal power plants to petroleum derivatives to power generation from dams and winds to solar energy generation and others.

One of the most important reasons behind developing and inventing new ideas is to reduce carbon emissions, which pose a threat to our lives and are the first factor in the global warming problem of our planet.

From here, a new idea was launched to generate energy from the movement of trees. This innovative new technology was presented by Eng. Eyab Mijwal, the owner and developer of the idea. With his latest invention, he aims to contribute distinctly to the field of renewable energy.

What makes his invention unique is that it does not require specific rehabilitation or special spaces, but rather uses the movement of trees to generate electrical energy.Β 

These dedicated devices are connected to each other. Due to the wind, using special engine energy gets generated, which is then transferred and stored in batteries designated for this process.Β 

What makes this innovative technology truly unique is that it works 24 hours, as it is not limited because of the availability of light, something that negatively affects the adoption rate of solar energy.

Eng. Eyab Mijwal obtained protection for his innovation in the Saudi Authority for Intellectual Property and Temporary Protection from the US Patent and Trademark Office through the research he presented at the Saudi Mining Polytechnic Institute.

Engineer Eyab Mijwal is as Innovation Manager at SMP and his team is currently working on many research and innovations that focus on important areas such as sustainability, energy, and others, taking advantage of his more than 15 years of experience in the field of technology and innovation. Engineer Eyab Mijwa hopes to be able to provide many research and other innovative technologies in the future.

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