Expanding Vision by Making Learning Fun

Though parents and teachers strongly advocate the benefits of early learning in children, they often fail to understand a child’s mind.  Children are inquisitive and eager to learn.  But sometimes, too much is presented to them too quickly and they feel overwhelmed and begin to avoid learning new things.  One must have a delicate balance between providing enough to stimulate interest without pushing too hard.

When planning learning activities, both parents and teachers should strive to make the process meaningful through interesting and enjoyable activities, making it seem like play.  The intent is to encourage their interest in seeking new experiences in learning, allowing them to experiment.  These can be creative activities, visiting new locations, or something quite as reading or listening to stories.

Reading books is one of the best learning tools for children.  Encouraging this activity from a very young age increases the ability to concentrate, sharpens memory, fosters creativity and imagination and increases vocabulary.  However, you cannot give them Shakespeare plays or other heavy reading materials.  Small steps are needed to help children learn a new activity.

What could be better than giving them short, funny stories that incorporate meaningful lessons?  They will enjoy listening to them and help them want to learn to read so that they can enjoy the stories any time they choose.  Joan Ulloth has written some incredible children’s storybooks that provide meaningful lessons through engaging storylines.  These can be a part of a daily routine or school curriculum to help students acquire the beneficial habit of reading.

Joan makes storybooks appeal to children by introducing funny characters drawn from the real world.  A child learns about real life and the lessons intended in the stories.  It is an incredible way to help children enjoy learning new things.  Joan’s stories can be purchased to help your children hone their skills and potential by increasing their abilities to analyze and imagine.

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