Executive Grade Is the Leather Upgrade With Remarkable Innovations

In the 21st Century, leather is trendy in fashion. However, this modern fabric cannot be decently sanitized. Dutch company, Undercolor B.V, is launching Executive Grade’s latest leather innovation in partnership with one of the leading tanneries in India. The only leather approved for automatic machine wash with detergent at temperatures up to 40 degrees Celsius / 104 Fahrenheit, does not require maintenance, holding many more remarkable features.

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Executive Grade is a project designed to research, produce, and manufacture leather innovations owned by Amsterdam-based Undercolor BV.

“Our Indian partner is a family-owned tannery and manufacturer of shoes and clothing. At its 4th generation, they have been experimenting by time many combinations of vegetable extracts in the process for tanning leather. Discoveries they made but never took that serious to actually develop studies” says Eliot Paus, developer of Executive Grade.

Executive Grade washable leather holds remarkable features. It is genuine, full-grain leather sourced directly from the meat industry’s rawhides, including sheep, goats, cows and, buffalos. The only leather approved for automatic machine wash with detergent at temperature up to 40 degrees Celsius / 104 Fahrenheit it has been certified to possess non-allergenic properties and is maintenance-free. If the need arises for ironing, use an iron without steam and place a cloth in between. Occasionally, it can be used with the dryer till semi-dry.

It can be produced at any thickness since it currently holds the thinnest leather record  up to 0.3 mm, without altering its high strength qualities and durability. With the breathable level in control and with up to 3 times elasticity feature, Executive Grade is perfect for lingerie and sports fashion. Moreover, it comes with the option for holographic reflections multicolor, gold, or any other combination. On top of that, it also comes with either a matte or glossy finish. This endears it as must-have wear for spring-summer fashion collections. Through this project, Undercolor B.V is on a mission to drive fashion-forward and empower designers to adopt diverse leather innovations.

Executive Grade is a custom-made leather with fully customizable texture, comes in any Pantone color, high-definition laser-cut, embossing, thickness, elasticity, etc. It is abrasion-resistant as well; hence durability is guaranteed. It does not require linen or another impeachment. In trying to lead the way in ethical, sustainable fashion, the leather is processed 100% with vegetable extracts. In addition to all the above impressive features, Executive Grade can be produced with waterproof attributes, ideal use for flooring, shoes, cars, jewelry, toys, etc.

A very important aspect is to use only detergents approved for black laundry, these does not contain bleach or Sodium Perborate. Avoid leather conditioners, and remember to dry the leather horizontally for the most effective drying process. When dried, the leather is stiff but, within 5 minutes, regains its flexibility and smoothness once it’s against the body and warmed up. During the cleaning, the rinsing water will be colored during the initial washes, but this is nothing to worry about since the leather color is not affected at all. There might be some minimal loss of color after about a hundred washes, but that will be hardly noticeable. 

The tannery can produce up to 500,000 square feet of Executive Grade leather every month. This is done exclusively with vegetable extracts and  sustainable certified. Is produced in India at European Standards with strict supervision and in control by the Dutch team. As well, trading operations are secured, being governed by Dutch and European law.

“The upcoming Executive Grade innovations will be prooving leather to hold attributes that will be even saving lives”, says Eliot Paus, developer of Executive Grade.

Further more information are public at www.executive-grade.com

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