Exchangecapital Offers Users Extra DeFi Benefits Without Requiring Staking on Its Platform

The next-generation DeFi platform relies on external farming to allow users to earn rewards without any additional staking or having to move their original staking positions

Exchangecapital has created a new revolutionary DeFi wallet that will allow users to earn more from their existing liquidity positions, in leading decentralized exchanges.

Described as a fully-fledged project launchpad, Exchangecapital unites DeFi users and projects for direct engagement, creating value for both users and projects.

The next-generation DeFi platform relies on external farming, to allow users to earn rewards without any additional staking or having to move their original staking positions.

Traditionally, crypto staking is a practice by which crypto holders can put their digital assets to work and earn passive income, without having to sell them off.Β 

Similar to the way high-yield savings accounts are run, crypto holders stake their digital assets by locking up the coins to participate in running the blockchain and maintaining its security.

The returns – calculated in percentage yields – are typically much higher than any interest rate offered by banks. And this has made staking the most popular way of earning profit in crypto without trading coins, as the total value of staked coins is estimated to be over $280 billion as of March 2022.

Relying on staking farms that typically use the proof-of-stake consensus mechanism to select honest participants and verify new blocks of data being added to the network, Exchangecapital allows users to earn extra rewards on their already staked coins, without requiring that they stake more coins on its platform.

The incredible DeFi platform has also announced that it will provide blockchain enthusiasts with unbridled access to unique NFTs with incredible platform functionalities.

Additionally, Exchangecapital also runs a blog on its website through which it educates visitors on the amazing possibilities of blockchain technology, equipping them with the necessary information and vital tools with which they can succeed in the industry.

Anyone interested in learning how they can take advantage of this amazing platform can reach out to Exchangecapital via the contact info below.

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