Everlens Launches the First NFT Platform for Instagram

Everlens is pleased to announce that it has successfully launched its groundbreaking NFT platform for Instagram. Over 1.4 billion Instagrammers can now seamlessly connect to the Everlens NFT marketplace and turn their posts into tradable NFTs.

The Everlens marketplace aims to be the premier platform for social media users to mint, buy, sell and showcase their NFTs. From exclusive content to digital art, perpetual royalties, transferable VIP access, and more, NFTs allow communities to bond and create real-world value in previously unimaginable ways.

We are equally proud to share that we have partnered with multiple wildly successful Instagram Celebrity influencers -as part of- our Everlens Ambassador program. Our team will release more exciting details as we roll out our marketing plans.

Everlens as a first-mover & disrupter in a nascent NFT-market In stark contrast to the current crypto native NFT marketplaces, Everlens differentiates itself by tapping into the massive and already thriving communities of established social media giants like Instagram. We believe that bridging the brave new world of NFTs with traditional social media -directly- is key to achieving mass adoption for NFTs. Through our platform – all kinds of Instagram celebrity influencers, content creators, and artists are now empowered to monetize their content and build their communities in just a few simple steps.

Create your Instagram posts as you have done in the past, but now immortalize them on the blockchain and allow your creative work to receive actual market value from your followers. Your creativity and your community can now be rewarded and monetized simultaneously!

For partnership inquiries, please contact: Jules at everlens.io

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