EtherThing Considered Historical NFT Project on OpenSea

The NFT is the 9th 10k PFP NFTs Project before BAYC

Being the last 10k PFP NFT created before BAYC, EtherThing has been considered a historical NFT Project by NFT historians. Made available on the best-known NFT marketplace, EtherThing has joined major projects like Madonna, Rug Radio, and CryptoSkulls to make trendy history in the world of NFTs. As an irreplaceable and valuable digital asset, the incredible rise in attention around historical NFT has attracted a lot more investors who have joined the wagon of selling NFTs for alarming sums. 

According to NFT historians, historic NFT collections are set to be the next big thing on the marketplace in 2022, and EtherThing prides itself on being a significant part of this historic move. As a non-fungible token that verifies the authenticity of non-fungible assets, EtherThing is a unique token that cannot be duplicated, reproduced, or exchanged with an asset of its kind. EtherThings are 10,000 collectible characters registered with unique identification on the Ethereum Blockchain. Created from art and algorithms, EtherThings are accompanied by a checksum in sha512, making them more credible on Earth and other planets.

On OpenSea, transactions are becoming crazily alarming due to the emergence of new NFT projects and entities, including the famous CryptoSkulls. Cryptoskulls re-emerged in the NFT space on January 10, 2022. They rapidly took over the NFT marketplace, luring many investors and influencers who wanted to be a significant part of its history. Prior to the re-emergence, the 2019 historical NFT(CryptoSkulls) was not as hyped until it was purchased for 100 Ether by entrepreneur Gary Vaynerchuk in 2022. This goes to say that EtherThing has a great chance of upscaling to this hyped level seeing that it has earned its place as a historical NFT.

“EtherThings have different values. The team of nerds, who developed EtherThings, worked hard to develop an algorithm capable of generating 10,000 unique pieces of pixel art. The team of artists worked hard creating all the aesthetics and composition of each of the elements of an EtherThing. All pieces of art are unique, but there are those that are more special. The price of each EtherThing varies according to the following factors: rarity, composition, visual, and elements”, said the company’s spokesperson.

According to Felix Forsmark, a digital marketing contractor who did some work for Etherhing, the brand appears to be doing everything correctly. He said, “EtherThing has a great level of integrity that can be trusted for investments.”

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