Eternal Hero Is Launching, a New RPG Play-to-Earn Game.

On April 14, 2022, Clytie is launching a new NFT game Eternal Hero on a play-to-earn platform. Clytie Platform allows its users to start playing games and earn from the game without any initial fee.

The game players who earn CLY do not have to convert it into fiat currency to use in the real world. They provide special facilities and advantages when they pay in CLY.

The ETL (Eternal tokens) is the currency used in the game. They are used to update skills or land, evolve, and get new pets.Deflationary mechanics are used to keeping the price constant each time ETL is spent. Playing games in PvP and PvE mode allows you to earn an Eternal token. Clytie does not provide or sell $ETL to players directly.

Eternal Hero is an RPG game that is developed on NFT blockchain technology. The players of the game own Eternal Hero and different items NFT. The players have to defeat the deviants’ monsters to rescue Eternals and get rewarded from the game. The player has a solid plan for how you’re going to approach the game and strong Eternal characters who won’t be eliminated early.

There are three methods to acquire Eternally: playing the rescue hero, through a store, or at an auction in the marketplace. Each Eternal Hero has a different talent for tackling difficulties.

Eternal Hero has five levels: Common, Rare, Epic, Legend, and Mythical. The Eternal Hero becomes more powerful when the player is on a higher level. However, to defeat Deviant, you must combine your resources.

The company’s main goal is to create a fun game experience and Play to earn. Players can buy and update their NFTs, stake, play games, earn rewards, access the latest content, and offer beneficial offers. They can challenge themselves with different modes of the game.

The players are guaranteed a game experience like they never had before, and the user can end up leaving the game early if he is not much interested.

Clytie developed the CLY token, a leading utility token having a smart utility with many features that every player can own. Not only trade on the exchange, but the user can also do many things with utilities when they own CLY.

Clytie’s slogan is ‘Use Clytie Earn Crypto.’ Clytie has its attention on the NFT market, particularly the NFT games. To improve the value of CLY tokens and establish a solid ecosystem now and in the future.

The CLY is a BEP-20 token of the CLYTIE ecosystem. The rewards for CLY tokens are available to CLY holders who stake, play to earn, exchange, join Clytie Shop as a member, and participate in significant governance. And the users can earn both $CLY and ETL by playing games within the CLYTIE ecosystem and participating in user-generated content efforts.

To get more information about the Eternal Hero game ecosystem, visit website Clytie

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