Entrepreneur and Philanthropist Mitchel Zelman Joins Fishing Committee of Lighthouse Point Yacht Club

Mitchel Zelman
Entrepreneur and philanthropist Mitchel Zelman recently announced his membership to the Fishing Committee of Lighthouse Point Yacht Club. Zelman hopes to contribute positively by hosting events and raising awareness of ethical fishing practices in his community.

Deerfield Beach, Florida – February 10, 2022 – CEO and insurance expert Mitchel Zelman has recently been conferred membership in the Fishing Committee of Lighthouse Point Yacht Club. As an active member starting January 1, 2022, Zelman has been a great volunteer in hosting events, participating in committee meetings, and raising awareness of sustainable fishing practices in the yacht club and the community.

The Importance of Ethical Fishing

Florida is recognized as a state rich in marine life. Surrounded by oceans on three sides, the Sunshine State is filled with a variety of beautiful plants and animals. This allows Floridians to enjoy fishing, snorkeling, scuba diving, and other water activities.

To protect Florida’s coastal regions, all marine activities must follow ethical practices. Mitch Zelman is a strong advocate of sustainable fishing and spearfishing practices, both of which are his hobbies. His extensive knowledge of these activities allowed him to step in and become part of the Lighthouse Point Yacht Club Fishing Committee.

Mitch Zelman in Lighthouse Point Yacht Club Fishing Committee

As an active member of the yacht club’s fishing committee, one of Mitchel’s primary focuses is to raise awareness of environmental-friendly fishing practices. These involve all members getting permits, catch and release procedures, and regulations on where and what to fish.

Mitchel Zelman hopes to set an example based on his deep involvement in the hobby of fishing and spearfishing. Throughout the year, Mitch Zelman plans to host events, help in committee decision-making, and participate in fundraisers that help improve the yacht club and the committee.

About Mitchel Zelman

Zelman is a professional insurance broker and entrepreneur. Residing in Deerfield Beach, Florida, Mitchel is a crucial team player and a leader in his career field. He graduated with a degree in Risk Management and Insurance at Florida State University. After earning his degree, he went on to take high-performing jobs in the insurance industry. Mitchel eventually became one of the top E&S insurance brokers in his company, paving the way towards leadership roles.

Many of his work roles require people-facing interactions, which led him to start his own consulting business called “Last Look Consulting Group.” Zelman also recently launched his website for Last Look Consulting Group to help entrepreneurs and professionals build lasting relationships with their respective clients.

Aside from being a successful professional and entrepreneur, Mitch is also a wholehearted philanthropist. He gives back to charities like SOS Foundation and Children’s Tumor Foundation.

To learn more about Mitchel Zelman, you may visit the Last Look Consulting Group website or contact him at mitch@lastlookconsultinggroup.com.

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