Entertainment News: Actress Bianca Foscht Leads in “The Movie Star” & Stars in the Comedy Feature “The Outrunners”


Talented and vibrant Austrian Actress Bianca Foscht stars in the comedy feature “Outrunners’ that recently premiered at the popular RIO Theater in Vancouver, BC, and the Kamloops Film Festival. In a recent interview, Bianca recently shared her experience behind the scenes in the making of The Outrunners:

“I love working on sets. It is where everything comes to life and since I’m a very social person that loves busy, loud and bold environments working on a set like Outrunners that required several location moves in the wilderness of North America was a truly mind-blowing experience. The whole team was incredibly inspiring to work with and since most crew members on this project had a background in the world of independent filmmaking the whole filming approach felt very artistic, passionate and driven until the last day of wrap. The crew didn’t just manage to bring a hilarious comedy on screen but they also took the time to answer questions and let me learn about their wonderful skillsets that make this movie shine.”- Bianca Foscht.


Actress Bianca Foscht recently stunned all as the lead role in the latest film “The Movie Star” where she plays the role of Maddy. The Movie star is a critically acclaimed independent film that won 2022’s ‘One-Take-Movie Fest’. It centers the story of Maddy (Bianca Foscht) who is a failed actress and questions every decision that she made in her life. It is a controversial play between life choices and what we perceive to be the ‘right’ decisions and what it means to follow the path that we were too afraid to take to start with.

Foscht is highlighted the film with her phenomenal work ethic, enthusiasm and positive energy on set. She elevated the whole project and found an incredible balance between emotional intensity and bold outrage. Bianca’s brave acting style, her curiosity, her incredible skillset and technique toolbox and her eagerness to learn were a necessity and catapulted the project right into the top three of 2022’s ‘One-Take-Movie Fest’. Winning this well-known one-take festival showed determination and a great creative passion on the side of cast and crew.

With an incredible crew the movie was created with great passion and a breathtaking colorful approach including Hrant Ahanisyan (director), Jamie Trouncelle (writer), Kenneth Tynan (producer), Ghazal Hakaki (cinematographer), Hrant Ahanisyan (editor), Katie McCormack (production designer) and Nancy Yan (sound). The Movie Star is set up for a bright future: Invited to several renowned film festivals in America and Europe and with an incredible crew and cast on board, this film is promised to skyrocket in 2023’s festival run and surprise the international audiences with bold aesthetic and a breathtaking performance.


Bianca Foscht always makes an impression when people meet her. She’s a charming, blonde girl with a friendly smile and big, blue eyes. At first glance, this actress might seem like a cliché, but there is more to Foscht than meets the eye. This is an actress who owns her role. Bianca is also keenly intelligent and when she opens up reveals her charming sense of humor. Her incomparable stamina and love for detail make her recognizable as a growing, independent artist. Born and raised in Austria, Foscht started dancing as a child, studying ballet, jazz, lyrical, contemporary and acrobatic dance and competed at national and international dance championships. She is the second of five children; one of them is her twin sister Dilara Foscht, who is an actress too. Bianca is based in Vancouver and has Slovenian and Italian ancestry. After studying drama at the Athanor Academy of Performing Arts, Foscht began performing on stage, as well as on set, in Austria and Germany.

Foscht’s credits include the lead role in the modern theatre production, Dorian Gray-Pictures of Beauty, at the TaO! Theatre in Graz, Austria that was picked up for a resumption in 2020 due to it’s major success. She also appeared in the 13th season of the well-known TV show Das Supertalent, as well as in several European and North American independent productions, and most recently in the feature comedy Outrunners that premiered at the RIO Theater in Vancouver, BC and was invited to BC’s major festivals and film markets, including the Kamloops Film Fest. Other credits include the lead role in the independent movie HANNAH that is set up for a huge festival run in 2023 and 2024, a supporting role in the Irish comedy Birthday Heist and the TV pilot Black Retail as well as the lead role of 2022’s ‘One-Take-Movie Fest’ winner The Movie Star.

Bianca also had the honor to work as a supporting actress on the web series I Killed Maddie Forbes and she starred in the 2022’s critically acclaimed and TIFF nominated movie N’XAXAITK. Together with her twin sister, Bianca writes and produces her own projects. Most recently she created her first talk show called The I’M POSSIBLE Show with her twin sister. Foscht is fluent in German, English and speaks basic Italian and in addition to filmmaking, acting and dancing, she loves trying new kinds of sports (martial arts is on her to-do list), learning new accents, riding her horse and basically doing anything which demands a high level of energy.


Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/biancafoscht/?hl=de

IMDb: https://www.imdb.com/name/nm11516255/

Official Website: https://www.biancafoscht.com/?lang=en

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