Employer Brand Stars Awards Reveal the 2022 Gold and Silver Winners

Organizers of Employer Brand Stars Awards unveil the names of the winners of the 2022 edition of the awards.

Employer Brand Stars Awards is becoming increasingly popular as recognition of an employer’s innovativeness and desire to build an environment to foster creativity and maximise the full potential of their workforce. In a related development, organizers of the award recently published the names of the Employer Brand Stars 2022 Winners across different categories and industries.

Staff attrition remains one of the significant challenges businesses face across industries worldwide, as employees move from one company to another for different reasons. A recent report published on LinkedIn revealed that the average turnover rate is 10.9% globally. Consequently, organizations put various measures in place to retain their employees and even attract the workforce of the competition. Unfortunately, only a few have been able to do well in this respect due to different factors, such as corporate governance and the qualities of the people at the helm of affairs. However, some brands have stood out in this regard, creating an environment that brings out the best in their workforce, which is where Employer Brand Stars Awards aim to make a difference by celebrating exceptional businesses.

The Employer Brand Stars award is an initiative by Employer Brand Academy, a prestigious London-based institution, to celebrate the workplace with policies and practices that demonstrate effective employee recruitment, engagement and retention. It serves as an opportunity for participating organizations to benchmark themselves against top performers worldwide while providing a platform to build knowledge and increase brand awareness, equity, and loyalty.

Recipients of the awards are recognized for their achievements as their industry’s elites, and the 2022 gold and silver winners undoubtedly deserve a place in the stars. Winners of the Gold Awards are Maxion – Use of Digital, Türkiye Finans Katılım Bankası – Leadership, Türkiye Finans Katılım Bankası – Internship, Yıldız Holding – Graduate Recruitment Programme, Pontica Solutions – Internal Communication, and Kaufland Bulgaria in the Employer Brand Strategy, Onboarding, and Employee Wellbeing categories. The Silver Award winners are Kaufland Bulgaria in the Leadership and Internship categories, Orbico Hungary – Internal Communication, Postbank (Eurobank Bulgaria AD) – Employer Brand Strategy.

For more information about the Employer Brand Stars awards and how to participate, visit – https://employerbrandstars.com/.

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