ELG Bank Starts Operating in Crypto Space Through Viubank

With support and encouragement from our value customers and its staff enable ELG Bank to enhance of its operation network all over the world and start working in crypto space through Viubank. Since 2017, ELG Bank, has been granted a preliminary license by the government of Vanuatu to operate as a full private and investment bank. The new bank to be named ELG Bank Limited. is expected to establish additional branches worldwide. The license has enabled ELG Bank to launch many new financial services including E-Banking, Crypto, Credits, Deposits, Cash Management, Trade Finance, Funds Transfers, and much more to fulfill the needs of its existing and prospective customers. It has employed a world-class banking technology, to bring transactions to life that gives customers convenient access to any services and products of the bank. Through our Viubank product, fixed returns can be earned daily, weekly, or monthly on deposited funds and a fully digital bank account. Savings plans are based in USD through Ether, Bitcoin, or other coins with a fully customizable client experience.Β 

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