Elephant Robotics, a leading innovator in the robotics industry, is proud to announce its 7th Anniversary Celebration, marking seven years of excellence in bringing robotics to every corner of life. Founded with a vision to “Enjoy Robots World” and a mission to “Bring Robots to Everyone’s Life,” Elephant Robotics has led to remarkable advancements that span diverse sectors, from industrial applications to lifelike robotic pets. This journey of innovation has redefined the possibilities of robotics, exemplified by the state-of-the-art 6-axis robot arm.

A Celebration of Innovation and Progress

The festivities kick off on August 15th, marking a week-long celebration that promises an array of activities that embody Elephant Robotics’ commitment to making robots an integral part of everyday existence. This celebration is a tribute to the remarkable advancements made by the company in reshaping the robotics landscape.

Engaging the Community through Social Media

Embracing the spirit of togetherness, Elephant Robotics invites everyone to partake in an interactive social media contest across platforms like Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Hackster. Participants have the chance to win exciting prizes as they engage with the brand and its transformative vision. It’s not just an anniversary; it’s an opportunity for everyone to be a part of the robotic evolution.

Unprecedented Deals Await

In a historic move, Elephant Robotics is offering an unparalleled sales event across major online shops – Shopify, Amazon, and AliExpress. Commencing on August 15th and extending for a week, this event encompasses our entire range of products, spanning from the desktop robot arm to the lifelike realistic companion robot pet – all at remarkable discounts, making it the perfect time to bring home innovative robotics technology. Visit our special anniversary promotion page here and be a part of this remarkable journey.

CEO’s Message: A Visionary Outlook

“To valued clients,

As we celebrate our 7th anniversary, I extend my warmest greetings and sincere gratitude on behalf of the entire Elephant Robotics team. Your steadfast support and unwavering trust have been the cornerstone of our success.

Since our inception, Elephant Robotics has been at the forefront of robotics technology, realizing the vision of integrating robots into diverse aspects of life. From industrial robotic arms to desktop robots and bionic pets, our journey has been one of continuous innovation. We are proud to have touched various sectors, enriching them with convenience, efficiency, and comprehensive solutions that resonate with our clients and partners.

Our achievements are a testament to our relentless pursuit of technology, seamlessly blending it with art through our core technologies. As we champion industrial advancement, we remain equally committed to giving back to our clients in myriad ways.

Yet, we do not rest on our laurels. The myCobot series, the metacat series, and the new cobotX series are products of our cutting-edge technology and application. Moving forward, we remain dedicated to your needs, enhancing collaborations, refining our offerings, and eagerly anticipating what lies ahead.

Thank you for your enduring trust. We value your partnership and are excited for the opportunities that lie ahead.”

Mr. Song’s message underscored the company’s unrelenting commitment to excellence, highlighted by a relentless pursuit of technological advancement and a genuine dedication to customer satisfaction. The CEO assured that Elephant Robotics is poised for an even brighter future, continuously innovating to meet the ever-evolving demands of the industry. Whether you’re intrigued by the precision of raspberry pi robots, exploring the possibilities of an Arduino robotic arm, or embracing the charm of lifelike bionic pets, Elephant Robotics offers a diverse range of options.

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