Elements & Planet EO, the Hype on Advanced NFT Project on Its Way to Launch.

As we all witness, the NFT world is going through its golden times. The market is observing more advanced technical projects since the NFT space is flooded with nonusable, computer-generated image collections.

The Elements project (www.elements.blue) would be the first to bring a revolutionary trend in the NFT space. The project is waiting in the wings, ready to present its unique concept of combining NFTs to generate interactive 50+ life-like 3D creatures. Another unique feature is its dynamic rarity. When a predefined trait limits the rarity of a typical nft collection, people who hold Elements NFT control the rarity.

Basically, ‘Elements’ NFT’s cores are five elements and a planet named ‘EO’ in the Metaverse. Fire, Water, Wind, Earth, and Plant are the five fundamental elements. Users can combine, split or break all these elements to create new lifeforms, i.e. 3D creatures and other Characters. The target is to build the rarest creature of Planet EO. So, the project recently popularized in the crypto space as the first transformable(combine, split or break) NFT with dynamic rarity. Elements are showcased in opensea as an animated, interactive 3D model with geotagged lighting (means, characters sunlight corresponds to user location). Testnet samples are available in their discord server.

Another perk that ‘Elements’ provides is the ‘Metaverse Game’, which will launch in the near future. It’s the place of real Action and serious fun. There is also a game arena where users can send their creatures to fight with other players. Other interesting things in their roadmap are Shell Coin airdrop and Nft Staking.

It’s the Game of Building, Fighting, and Owning Powerful Creatures on “Planet EO.”

Visit their Official Website to learn more about the project.

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