El Dorado Insurance Continues Specialized Insurance Offering for Security Guard Industry

El Dorado Insurance Agency aims to expand its reach by providing protection for more in the security industry.

Houston, TX – In an industry notorious for taking on risk, El Dorado Insurance Agency is encouraging security businesses to take a closer look at their existing insurance policies. Security guard insurance needs to be comprehensive and provide ample protection to minimize financial loss. Yet, many in this industry continue to lack customized policies that address their specific needs.

To encourage a closer look at security guard insurance policies and coverage needs, El Dorado is encouraging those within the industry to contact them immediately for a review of their current coverage. Those that lack coverage can also apply directly for it on the company’s website without any hassles.

Noting the importance of security guard insurance

El Dorado Insurance’s focus on improving coverage for the security industry comes from a place of noted frustration. Many in this field do not have adequate insurance, and that puts their business at risk for failure should one single incident occur.

With customized coverage options and plans tailored to the business’s specific needs, it’s possible to purchase affordable security guard insurance. That includes coverage such as general liability/errors & omissions coverage, workers’ compensation insurance, auto and fleet coverage, as well as property insurance.

Josh Ring CIC, President of El Dorado Insurance, states, “Those in the security industry tirelessly work to protect other people and their assets. Yet, without a yearly review of their own business insurance, many of these companies are in a place of potential financial devastation. A single incident can lead to thousands of dollars worth of losses or more. Yet, a simple security guard insurance policy can reduce and even eliminate those risks effectively.”

Customization of policies is critical

Another factor that impacts whether or not security guards have the coverage they need is the type of plan itself. Tailored plans take into account a great deal about the company, including its size, risks, and assets.

Security guards may protect highly valuable assets, putting them at a higher risk to insure. Other times, they may complete mundane tasks without a lot of risks. Policies must be tailored to address the organization’s specific needs to ensure that adequate coverage is in place to minimize their potential risks.

“Some security guard companies are carrying ineffective packages or plans that may even have additional coverage added to them that the company doesn’t need. Often, we can offer to build packages that bundle the coverage they really do need together, keeping costs lower, but also ensuring that the company’s specific risks are covered,” says Mr. Ring.

Providing fast solutions

To ensure busy companies do not have to spend a lot of time on the process of obtaining a custom-tailored plan, El Dorado Insurance offers a fast, 10 minute online application that can help companies know exactly what they need right away.

About El Dorado Insurance

Security Guard Insurance is just one of the various policies and packages that El Dorado Insurance offers. The company has over 50 years of experience helping businesses to obtain quality liability and asset protection solutions. Those in the industry who need coverage today should reach out to El Dorado today to learn more about their options.

The online Application Center is available for those ready to apply for insurance now. Companies may also wish to call 800-221-3386 to speak to an agent who can provide comprehensive support and personalized attention when choosing a policy to meet their specific needs.

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