Eight Frugal Minutes Podcast Celebrates 3rd Season With New Frugal Podcast Episodes

Eight Frugal Minutes podcast announces 3rd season of the frugal podcast. Available for free to listen to anywhere podcasts are found.
Highlighting the best ways to save money and make money all while living your best life. Episodes are found on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Amazon Podcasts and everywhere podcasts are available.

Eight Frugal Minutes is excited to announce the launch of the 3rd season of their popular frugal podcast! Episodes are found on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Amazon Podcasts and everywhere else podcasts are available, the episodes are packed with valuable information  Working hard to bring you new and exciting content, this season the podcast episodes are packed full of great ideas for listeners.

In this season of Eight Frugal Minutes, you’ll learn about frugal topics such as how to save money at the grocery store (especially important with inflation rising), how to make money, unique side hustles you should consider and making your home more energy-efficient.  Additionally, the new Eight Frugal Minutes website (www.eightfrugalminutes.com) was launched to offer show notes and sharing additional frugal ways of living for listeners to access.

No topic is off limits as every episode is a dive deep into frugal, financial and practical hacks and we offer information listeners can use immediately. We focus on saving and making money so you can live your life without apologies.

“I couldn’t be more excited about this season,” said Eight Frugal Minutes host Jodi Jill. “In the past I’ve learned a lot about what our listeners like, what works and what doesn’t. The episodes this year are going to be our best yet.”

Eight Frugal Minute Podcast Episodes are Only 8 Minutes Long

The frugal podcast isn’t your typical talk your ear off kind of podcast. The idea of living your best life means searching new ideas, information and then implementing it to your needs. That’s why the Eight Frugal Minutes Podcast episodes are only eight minutes long. Plus new episodes are offered four days a week! The listeners love this approach too!

We Talk How to Save Money, Make Money and Side Hustles

Listeners get a quick snapshot of the idea on each episode and then determine if they can personally use the information. This quick and fun approach to podcasting saves time and focuses on the needs of the listeners. The priority is a determination if the information on the episode can be implemented into their own lives.

The Eight Frugal Minutes podcast is packed with tips and tricks for living a lifestyle you want to have while saving cash and making money on the side. Believing you need to live your best life, the podcast encourages listeners to take what tips fit their lifestyle for a happier, financially feasible life.

Check out Eight Frugal minutes on Apple Podcast: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/eight-frugal-minutes/id1494024661

OR if you want to hear previous episodes, check out all the details on our site Eight Frugal Minutes: EightFrugalMinutes.com

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