Ecomxpro Acquires a New Warehouse Facility of 15,000 Square Feet in Modesto California, Fulfilling More Than 1200 Clients Order Every Day.

Introducing an easy way to store, manage, pack and ship the products directly to customers

Ecomxpro is thrilled to announce that it has chartered a new warehouse of 15,000 square feet in Modesto, California, to satisfy more clients’ demands. In 2020, the company rented 3 units of 500sq ft each as its warehouse for storing, managing, packing, and shipping products for clients. As its clientele base began to grow rapidly, following the increase in demand for the company’s e-commerce services, it decided to acquire more space to fulfil over 1200 clients’ orders every day. 

Ecomxpro is one of the leading e-commerce agencies in the United States; after generating over $27.2M on Amazon, it became the #1 fastest growing e-commerce retail agency. The company offers e-commerce services to over 80 brands, including keeping and managing their products as well as selling them on Amazon, eBay, Walmart, and Shopify. In its warehouse, it stores clients’ stock, manages inventory and orders, monitors and tracks orders from any of the platforms, and ships them to final consumers when an order is placed. In the long run, the company manages businesses from start to finish, easing the burden of handling the business processes on owners. 

The company offers a wide range of services, including product selection, smart sourcing, product listing, product collection, and multi-dollar marketing. Ecomxpro understands that most business owners are faced with the challenge of getting a good location for their services or products to reach the right targets. It even gets more frustrating when they spend so much on making their products available but getting nothing in return for their efforts. Ecomxpro exists to change this narrative by providing the ultimate solution to business needs. The company believes that the world has transitioned to the online space, and billions of potential customers are available to make orders, provided that the products are positioned rightly to them. This is why the company does not just stop at managing the business operations but marketing the services to more people on multiple e-commerce platforms. With this provision, business or brand owners do not need to bother about acquiring a good physical outlet to target customers. All they need to do is leave their businesses in the hands of Ecomxpro to generate whooping revenues for them online. 

“Our team of rockstar amazon sellers will pick the best home run products for you that are fundamentally as well as technically the most potential product to sell in the market right now and can go for the long term. We source products from a supplier that are 100% legit and have been working for us for many years and guarantee unbeatable price and the highest quality than anyone else on this planet earth that keep your customer smiling when they buy from you. Not just we send products to the Amazon FBA center but also to our warehouse ( no extra cost ) to sell your products on multiple markets like eBay and Walmart. Once the product reaches its destination and is confirmed by Amazon, your listing becomes live,” said the company’s spokesperson.

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