$ EAT Scan Is Online Now and Reached a Strategic Partnership With Medias Around the World

About $EAT trade

$EAT is excited to announce that a BIG UPDATE of $EAT is now live on Scanning stages now. In past week, $EAT have launched procedures on Feb 08 2022 on pancakeswap. Current $EAT have more than 10 million USDT per day trade on day and we will make 1 billion USDT per day. The price will come to steady than violence change.In the next few days, $EAT will make holder more benefit and try to bring more users to join in $EAT. Holder is more than 2 000 now. Buy score is more than 80 on Dextool and dexscreener is strong buy, dex.guru is 80 for $EAT. So do hold $EAT for user BSC wallet.

About $EAT Promotion

$EAT Scanning has attracted more than 30,000 followers now, about 20,000 telegram groups and 10,000 Twitter followers. Among them, 1241 people participated in the early stages. The number of new people in the first phase is 2,000. User interactivity and user stickiness continue to increase. Taking pancakeswap data as an example, there were 1,000 token holders in the early days, and now the average is 3,000. The number of addresses per capita is 50, and the desired results are already starting to appear. Both users are scattered and distributed more evenly. Volatility is more stable and has less amplitude. It is more stable for the entire market capitalization. The early traffic distribution was in Southeast Asia and the United States, and the first new countries were in East Asia, Europe and the United States. In order to promote the further development of the project, $EAT has reached a strategic partnership with the largest Internet advertising company in the United States. Media types include streaming media, video media and soft text media. Covering countries in Europe and the United States. The coverage is for major search engines and corresponding social media, include in google, naver, yahoo, yandex and more media will list soon.

About $EAT

The Eater Address scanning technology is a cross-chain operation technology for all tokens by calling the Eater Address address through smart contracts. In the early stage, fixed assets were reinforced, and in the mid-term, cross-chain assets were reinforced. The scanning technology can strengthen the smart contract of any cryptocurrency, and the contract call is a comprehensive protocol interchange. Eater Address scanning technology and the setting method is time line setting and price line multi-process setting. Taking the early example, the timeline setting is to reinforce a certain fixed token. If the user sets the line to be one month, the Eater Address scan reinforcement is one month.

About $EAT future

All EAT users jointly build a liquidity pool on the BSC chain. Users participating in liquidity mining only produce medals without increasing EAT. Users participating in liquidity mining need EAT equivalent to 50 USDT plus mainstream currencies for pledge. One merit is produced per 24 hours, and one token holding address can produce 10 merit per day at max. After obtaining the medal, enter the DAPP, and use 5 EAT plus 1 merit to participate in the eater address scan. After five minutes, the scan result will show two identities@1 and @0.

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