Earn Money Playing Blockchain Games on PathofSurvival.io

The pandemic of the last two years and the current hype over the metaverse have spawned a great wave of interest towards being a couch potato while at the same time earning money through clicking a mouse button. And it is not like there is a scarcity of games to be played. According to a recent estimate by Layaria, the number of blockchain games has doubled in the last year and is 2 games shy of 400. While this seems like there should be a great selection of dissimilar games, this is not truly the case. Instead, the majority of these are truly click-to-earn platforms, which do not require any additional substantial input from the players apart from moving a finger.

A newly emerging option, which may move things around and start a new trend is PathofSurvival.io – an online MMORPG blockchain game. Players are able to battle opponents in a turn-based manner within a variety of battling techniques – 1v1, 5v5, dungeon encounters, Draft mode, and possibly a campaign mode in the future. The in-game marketplace is set to be live in a couple of weeks, which will enable players to participate in buying NFTized clan lands and start a community inside the community, which will, later on, be used when the transition to a Decentralized Autonomous Organization is completed. Owners of Clan lands will take taxes (or not, depending on how greedy they are) in order to accept new members in the clans. Each clan will have its own marketplace and will facilitate a market economy based on the native SRV in-game token.

PathofSurvival.io’s core team, who are hard-core gamers with the CEO having played β€œvirtually every single game out there” wants to build something, which is quite different and enables people to feel engaged. Once the Closed Alpha goes live in Q1, the Beta version, which will be the game itself for the most part will have features added to the game to keep players entertained with new features, modes, items, and challenges.

Stay tuned and watch for updates on Twitter and Telegram.

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