Eargazm Music Group Is Set to Release the Anticipated Album From Trill Lee “After Hours”

Eargazm Music Group is set to release the highly anticipated album from Trill Lee titled ‘After Hours’.

In 2021, Trill Lee joined forces with Eargazm Music Group to create a unique project that features an all-star cast of artists and producers. With music production by JG Eargazm, Ryan ‘Shreddy Bear’ Palma, Gibbo, Infamous Beats, Cito On The Beat, Majikmann, and JamesStarbeats, ‘After Hours’ features artists Ice Meez, Izzynyce, Sequence Clark, Kye Kaszett, MLB Ace, Mami Mia, Rezen, Road Trip Eddie, Dope Wurdz, and T. Carriér. With exceptionally talented artists behind the production of ‘After Hours’, each song is guaranteed to provide a sense of euphoria to your ears.

‘After Hours’ consists of smooth upbeat vibes with a twist of sensual grit. What makes Trill Lee different from most artists is his ability to sing and rap while also having a keen ear for music production. Trill Lee is a man that wears many hats. His ability to write though-provoking songs, provide valuable input on music production, and navigate the music business makes him a valuable artist and business mind. When Trill Lee made the decision to collaborate with Eargazm Music Group, it was a power move based on combining resources and creative abilities to create outstanding pieces of musical art. JG Eargazm and Trill Lee were the perfect combination, and their professional collaboration led to a truly outstanding collection of catchy music. Ryan Palma played a huge role in this process as he handled all the audio engineering, allowing JG Eargazm to focus on recording and music production. As a whole, this project represents the power of collaboration, and how talent meeting talent can be the perfect recipe for the creation of something that is truly outstanding.

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