E-Tour Global Travel Sharing Network: The Finest Re-Employment Platform for Individuals

People’s desire to travel is growing in tandem with the growth of the economy and the advancement of society. Tourism today employs one out of every nine people in the globe, according to credible research estimates. Tourism has progressively grown into the world’s greatest developing sector, surpassing the oil and car industries to become the world’s largest industry since the 1960s. International tourism has evolved into a vital component of the global economy.

By 2020, Global tourism industry revenue will increase to $16 trillion, equivalent to 10% of global GDP; capable of providing 300 million jobs, 9.20% of total global employment. Under this opportunity, the E-tour global shared travel network, which has been deeply involved in the tourism service industry for many years, is constantly innovating. In 2021, it launched the “B2C2C” personal travel sharing economy service model, which is highly respected and loved by the majority of users. Its novel and unique operation. The concept is at the benchmark leading level in the same industry.

E-TOUR TRAVEL CONSULTING CO is short for E-TOUR TRAVEL CONSULTING CO. In May 2012, the E-tour worldwide shared travel network was founded in Hong Kong and registered in Yau Tsim Mong. It’s a well-designed travel website that combines travel information, social networking, and an e-commerce platform. E-tour is a very complete travel service firm with a leading hotel reservation service center at  http://etour6.com. It now has long-term and solid cooperating relationships with more than 26,000 hotels in 125 countries and regions, spanning more than 5,600 locations throughout the world. There are almost 2000 hotel rooms that have been reserved. It is the industry leader in traveler’s checks, tourism, and other areas, and its ultra-high travel service value has been universally acknowledged by customers all over the world.

The major business of the E-tour firm is to advertise cruises to airlines, amusement parks, the entertainment sector, hotels, travel and holiday products, private guide platform advisors, and hotel reservation services, among other things. Since its inception, E-tour has successfully integrated the high-tech and traditional tourism industries, providing a full range of travel services to more than 70 million members, including hotel reservations, air ticket reservations, vacation reservations, business travel management, preferred merchants, and travel information. And close collaboration with major hotels and tourism industries throughout the world to offer publicity, traffic, and promotion services, generating equivalent revenues for the platform and members, and achieving the goal of mutual benefit and win-win. Large-scale operations can not only offer additional high-quality travel alternatives to members, but they can also assure service uniformity, assuring service quality and lowering operating expenses.

E-tour is committed to a big connection system based on smart tourism management + destination operation, a big data system based on industrial monitoring + electronic transaction settlement, and a large service system supported by the destination distribution service system, resulting in the formation of a tourism industry ecosystem of “big connection + big data + big service.” It has created a “tourist + Internet” development model with its intellectual property rights and distinct features. It serves as a vital link between users and cooperative platforms. The benefits of the internet enable major tourism companies’ to market and promote their products, improve the exposure and popularity of important picturesque locations throughout the world, and encourage visitors to visit the local region. Promote the development of local tourism and obtain corresponding profit dividends from it.

At the operational level, E-tour adopts a zero-investment agency model to solve the unemployed problem for users, each platform member has a unique promotion QR code, and only needs to complete the company’s sharing and promotion tasks, and can get lucrative commissions. All platform account funds are supervised by the Hong Kong Financial Supervisory Authority. The platform has no right to use user funds. At the same time, it supports daily withdrawals, and user funds are safe. Since its launch, E-tour has helped more than hundreds of thousands of people to achieve a monthly income of 10,000 to 100,000 dollars or more.

E-tour breaks the traditional way of working. Through the powerful intelligent push engine and settlement system, ordinary users can complete simple tasks at any leisure time through the E-tour global shared travel network platform and only need a smartphone. Earn money by working anywhere. It is the most advanced, simple, and effective part-time employment platform to start a personal business or passive income! Join E-tour now and let E-tour contribute to individuals’ future life!

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