Dutch Table Store Tafels99 Officially Launches in Germany on Tisch99.de

Leading providers of premium quality tables and benches, Tafels99, expand their craft to Germany with the launch on Tisch99.de

The team at Tafels99 is looking to conquer more territories across Europe as the leading Dutch furniture store takes their excellent craftsmanship to Germany with the launch of Tisch99.de. The move is inspired by the goal of ensuring that as many people as possible in Belgium and Germany enjoy premium quality authentic wooden oak furniture that has endeared the brand to millions of customers.Β 

β€œGreat service. Great quality. Thinking along and are flexible if the material needs to stay in storage a little longer. Custom-made wall shelves that match the wooden oak table and oak bench. Recommended to buy here!” – a customer said.Β 

There has been a steady increase in the demand for furniture across the globe, a phenomenon that has continuously driven the market to make it a multi-billion-dollar industry amidst a series of evolution over the years. The table market remains one of the biggest segments of the industry, with several brands emerging from different parts of the world. Unfortunately, many furniture suppliers do not effectively address the concerns of customers in terms of quality and accessibility. The case is not particularly different in Germany and other parts of Europe, which is where Tafels99 aims to change the narrative by launching on Tisch99.Β 

Tisch99 will be offering a wide range of items, ranging from industrial tables to tree trunk tables. Other categories of products offered include country tables, monastery tables, Scandinavian tables, round tables, oval tables, square tables, and custom-made tables, all made from sustainable oak and available at competitive prices.

The customization option is the standout feature of Tisch99, allowing customers to practically build their desired table, enabling them to choose everything from the top to the frame, and even the finish.Β 

The unique combination of quality, relative affordability, and fast turnaround time for delivery, has made Tafels99 a top brand, with customers in and around Germany set to enjoy a similar experience on Tisch99.

For further information about Tisch99 and the plethora of oak furniture from the store, visit – https://tisch99.de.

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