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Have a party and not know what to wear? Want to be special and sparkle as if it were your night? Searching for the best showroom that contains unique pieces? Look no further than Dresses by Farah, your ultimate destination for shopping, selling, and renting dresses in Lebanon.

Dresses by Farah is your ultimate destination for shopping, selling, and renting dresses in the vibrant cities of Saida and Ghazieh, Lebanon.

At Dresses by Farah, they understand that fashion is not just about clothing; it’s an expression of who you are. Whether you’re a local fashion enthusiast or a visitor seeking the perfect look, our collection offers a harmonious blend of trendy styles and timeless elegance.

Their mission is to provide a versatile and captivating experience for individuals seeking dresses for purchase or rent. Also, they aim to offer a curated collection of dresses that cater to various occasions and styles, ensuring that every customer finds the perfect outfit that resonates with their unique personality and event. Through their shop, they aspire to make fashion accessible and enjoyable, making each customer feel confident and exceptional, whether they’re purchasing a dress to own or renting one for a special occasion.

 Their vision is to be the ultimate hub for dress shopping, sales, and rentals. Besides, they aim to offer a seamless and exciting experience, providing a wide array of dresses for customers to either purchase and own or even rent for special occasions. Their main goal is to become the go-to destination that seamlessly blends buying and renting options, caters to diverse preferences, and makes every dress-related aspiration a reality.

Dresses by Farah takes pride in being an inclusive haven for both veiled and non-veiled women. Their wide collection is thoughtfully curated to cater to women of all sizes and styles, ensuring that every individual feels valued and beautiful in their dresses.

They have all sizes, starting at 38 and reaching 58 for both veiled and non-veiled women.

At Dresses by Farah, they believe that elegance and style should be accessible to all. That’s why all the dresses in the show room are high-quality and affordable.

And it is important to mention that Farah has dresses and their accessories, including headpieces, crowns, purses, and bracelets.

Contact Information:

Phone: 71391812


Facebook: Dresses by Farah

TikTok: dresses_by_farah

Location of the Business: Dresses by Farah is located in Saida, Ghazieh, Lebanon.

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