Dr. Marlene Shaw Welcoming Women’s History Month to Signal Paradigm Shift in the Dental Industry

For Women History Month, and in celebration of International Women’s Day, Dr. Marlene announced her digital oral health scan campaign at her DC-based clinics, free of charge.

8th March, 2022 – Women of today hold a significant position of power in the dental industry as the percentage of dentists in the workforce who are women grew from 24.1% to 34.5% between 2010 and 2020. .

A cosmetic and family dentist who is also making her name as an author and speaker, Dr. Marlene Shaw is encouraging women around the world this March, which celebrates International Women’s Day on the 8th. Through life changing smile makeovers, Dr. Marlene Shaw is helping individuals overcome issues related to their smiles, self-esteem, and lack of self-confidence.

Although men have historically dominated the field of dentistry, women have been increasingly selecting the profession of caring for people’s oral and dental health in recent decades. According to Dental Economics, only 23.7 percent of dental school graduates were women in the mid-1980s, compared to 35 percent full-time female dentists in 2017.

Speaking at a recent community event, Dr. Marlene Shaw was quoted as saying, “Way too many women lack access to adequate dental care. For better or for worse, it’s not something new. I’ve been practicing dentistry in private clinics for nearly 20 years and see it a lot. However, it doesn’t get old. It’s way too crucial for it  to get old. The role of women in our society is way too impactful for us to not do something about it. What’s different is that I’m engaging openly about the care that women deserve instead of doing it quietly away from inquiring eyes.” 

Dr. Marlene Shaw has now become a featured dentist, having appeared in local and mainstream media such as CBS, FOX, Washington City Paper, and WPFW-DC. With a published article in Dentistry Today, she has been climbing the ranks as an authority in her field. As Dr. Marlene continues to make an impact, she is  paving the way for women dentists and influencing the way dentistry is practiced today. 

The doctor said: “My dental clinics are offering free digital oral health scans to Women all March long.The digital scans will help us identify most dental issues so we can understand and address them. We have a real opportunity to make a difference with the use use of technology and digital dentistry. QaWe can identify issues such as: cavities, teeth grinding, inflamed gums, misaligned teeth, etc.” For example, in the case of misaligned teeth, we can look at treatment options such Invisalign to establish alignment.

She added: “Oral health is vital in a woman’s life and is particularly important in certain stages such as pregnancy and in the presence of systemic health conditions. Unfortunately, way too many women, especially low income women and women of color, don’t have access to comprehensive dental care.”

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Dr. Marlene Shaw is an award-winning cosmetic dentist who has been featured in CBS, FOX, Washington City Paper, WPFW-DC. She was also published in Dentistry Today. 

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