Dr. Dinah Mourise: A Young Retired Surgeon Dedicated to Serving Humanity

January 17, 2022 – Montreal – Even though the world is going through a rough and challenging time with the descendants of COVID, Dr. Dinah Mourise, a health professional and young retired surgeon who had served in various capacities, is what the world needs. Dr. Mourise has performed free surgeries in countries where poverty stays and never leaves to save lives and give many other people, whom most times have lost hopes, the renewed hope. From 2015 till date, Dr. Mourise has been the Senior Vice-Chair of Critical Care Surgery, and the director of the heart transplant program, in Egypt.

Dr. Mourise is a committed professional who, through her works at OEIS Protection, focuses on getting the right solutions to issues instead of focusing on the magnitude of the problem. Mourise is the founder of OEIS, and her husband follows in her footsteps. Together, they’ve built OEIS for a better-secured future. Mourise has inspired many young and proficient professionals in Canada and other parts of the world through her selflessness and professional abilities. Every patient, health professional, and subordinate who collaborated with Dr. Mourise always described her unmatched dedication and enthusiasm, incomparable. Through her love for justice and children, she kept fighting child trafficking since 2002. As a result, Mourise founded Lilia Redemption Foundation in 2018. The organization has recorded different success stories fighting child trafficking.

I believe love transcends everything, and being our neighbors’ keeper is the easiest yet best thing we can do if we are determined to see a better world. This worldview of mine is what keeps me going in. It also helps me create a positive attitude towards myself and young people,” said Dr. Mourise. “I think loving everyone around us is the first thing we must find if we are to find inner peace.” She concluded.

Not only does Mourise is a health professional, an entrepreneur, and a humanitarian that cares, but she is also a philanthropist par excellence. Mourise gives moral and material support to people who need it without holding back. Furthermore, she doesn’t discriminate against people based on the color of their skin, creed, and financial status of an individual, background, religion, or any distinguishing uniqueness.

Dr. Mourise has worked with Montreal Children’s hospital and the medical center Foundation to bring awareness to people on the issue of Leukemia and other health-related problems affecting young children. While collaborating with Montreal Children’s hospital, Mourise encouraged and organized about 1300 walkers to take an awareness walk around Canada to intensify the fight against Leukemia. As a cancer of the blood, Leukemia mainly affects the tissue in the human body responsible for forming blood. Leukemia affects both young and adults, and it usually attacks the lymphatic system, the bone marrow, and the patient’s white blood cells. To bring the world’s focus and attention to this disease, Dr. Mourise has it as one of her focal points to inform governments and people worldwide about Leukemia.

Even after retirement, Mourise continues to participate in every discussion that helps people live a disease-free life.

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