Dr. Ahmed Thabet Launches His New Website for Easy Access to Orthopedic Care

Gaining easy access to treatment of complex fractures, bone deformities, and severe trauma

Dr. Ahmed Thabet is thrilled to announce the launch of his new website designed to allow adults and children to access orthopedic care easily. As a board-certified surgeon who has undergone a series of professional training with top orthopedic surgeons in the US, Dr. Thabet specializes in the diagnoses and treatment of a wide range of conditions affecting the musculoskeletal system. On the new website, patients will discover the different orthopedic treatments available, including Orthopedic Trauma, Pediatric Orthopedic, Limb/Foot Deformity Correction, and Bone & Limb Lengthening. The website does not just display the treatment options but provides well-researched information about the options and how they can be applied to give the best result. With an excellent user interface, anyone can easily navigate the site to get more information and book appointments.

As a Fellowship-trained Trauma and orthopedic surgeon, Dr. Thabet offers the best orthopedic care in El Paso, Tx. Adults and children who need the most effective treatment for complex fractures, bone deformities, and severe trauma are well taken care of by Dr. Thabet. With the extensive training he has in Trauma and Pediatrics, he provides the best treatment with state-of-the-art facilities for conditions associated with the bones, joints, ligaments, tendons, muscles, and nerves. Recognized by industry specialists, he is widely known for providing accurate diagnosis and viable treatment options effective for eliminating musculoskeletal problems.

Highly concerned about the best outcome for his patients, he participates in several community-based organizations in El Paso, offering the best health care to underprivileged children with disabilities. He has conducted 1000 bone & limb lengthening procedures, treating patients with open, closed, and stress fractures, dislocation, and overuse injuries. Through mind-boggling testimonials by patients, Dr. Thabet has been considered a professional orthopedic surgeon who offers a long-term solution to orthopedic conditions. According to Nikki D., β€œHe performed a tendon transfer on my three-year-old. Remarkable doctor, very patient and kind to everyone, taking time to answer any and all questions. Dr. Thabet and his staff always make us feel welcome and at ease. I highly recommend this office.”

β€œDr. Thabet has seen my son since he was 6 months old. He has always been very patient and helpful. My son has seen him for both his leg to help prevent surgery and his finger that he needed surgery. Both in the clinical and surgical settings, he has been great! He is always willing to answer any questions to ease your worries. And as a parent, you always worry about your kids but having a doctor that goes above and beyond to make the situation better is the most you could ask for. I can tell you my husband, and I will only take our kids to Dr. Thabet,” said Jaycee M.Β 

Highly recommended by The Pediatric Board, Dr. Thabet was described as a great pediatric orthopedic surgeon. β€œHe has been taking care of our pediatric patients for the last few years, from simple fractures to very complex pediatric orthopedic cases. The outcome of his surgeries is above and beyond expectations. Thank you!” said the Pediatric Board.

For more information, visit https://myorthopedicdoctor.com/.

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